My must have - Conceal Kit Oriflame Beauty Concealer Kit

Hello )
I want to tell you about my irreplaceable thing, which I have been using for a very long time and which always helps me out and saves me from any surprises, whether it’s a pimple popping up on my face, bruises or something harder)
(new in the photo, waiting in line, and already pretty used, “working” copy)

that's what writes manufacturer:
Usually, existing corrections, as a rule, have a narrower focus, masking either pimples, or redness, or dark circles, and choosing a suitable masking agent can be difficult. Developed taking into account the needs of a modern woman and the recommendations of professional makeup artists, the new practical Oriflame concealer Palette allows you to quickly and easily make your skin flawless. The palette includes 3 masking agents, different in color and composition. Enriched with natural plant components, the composition of each of the "sectors" of the palette cares for the skin and protects it from overdrying, often caused by conventional correctors.
Green - neutralizes redness. It contains a natural extract of green tea, which has anti-inflammatory, cleansing and soothing effects. Apply the corrector to the reddened area of ​​the skin, it will not only hide the problem under the corrector layer, but also affect the focus of irritation.
Yellow - mask dark circles. Contains natural Boswellia extract that stimulates microcirculation and improves skin color. Apply it to the area under the eyes, around the inner corners of the eyes and the wings of the nose in the nose. Such a method of application will help to hide dark circles and traces of fatigue, and also make the boundaries of the area of ​​application of the corrector less noticeable.
Beige - gives the skin a natural tone.
Contains natural margose seed oil with antibacterial and emollient properties. Use a beige tint on any area of ​​the skin to mask imperfections or adjust the shape of the face.
Professionals recommend applying concealers not with your fingertips, but with a brush, which is more hygienic. Oriflame's portfolio has a special brush suitable for applying lipstick and concealer. Elastic villi and a special pointed shape will allow for maximum uniformity and accuracy of application.
3 x 1 g.
A lot of everything has been written, I didn’t delve into it much, experimentally understood where and what should be applied so that only I and no one knew about all the imperfections of my face)
let's get down to business and see what’s what)

I'll start with the yellow color.
I put it on those places that I want to brighten - all kinds of bruises, bumps and everything that has a bluish tint on my face.
For example, bruises (veins, vessels?) Between the nose and eyes.
Very pronounced, please do not be alarmed.

Now I take a little yellow tint and put it in the place I want to disguise ...

I drive in with my fingertips and blend ...

I get ...

Next, I’ll go to the nose.
The wings of my nose are always reddish, it looks like this ...
(are you still alive?)
then I take a beige shade ...

I drive in and shade ...

on the other side of the face ...

If any huge pimple or allergy comes out on your face, a green shade comes to the rescue.
He is able to mask such redness ...!
I take a lip liner and generously smear my cheek)

then take a little green ...

Feather a little bit ...

I apply foundation ...
and, if necessary, a little crumbly powder on top, just a little bit ...

the greenish tint, of course, slips a little ... but this is only because the redness was vigorous, the pencil did not spare and the corrector was also needed enough.
in a real situation with acne and redness, everything is much more natural)
Well, at the end of this story I wanted to show how dense beige tone)
if you ever need to create the effect of completely pumped out blood, then this shade will definitely suit you)

swatch on hand

period of use: probably a couple of years for sure.
Rating: 5+
Price without discount: about 400 rubles.
Thank you for your attention, I hope someone will find the post useful)

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