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Hello girls!
Today I want to show and tell about my find for my skin. Who cares - I ask for a cut!

First, I would like to talk about my skin. I have it combined, but in the winter it is very dry and in the winter I require more hydration than in the spring - in the summer. So, spring came and I decided to replace my nutritious care with moisturizing and cleansing.
1. One hundred beauty recipes. Soft facial scrub "Moisturizing and freshness."
My opinion: Scrub came to me quite by accident. I asked my mother to buy some inexpensive scrub, she bought this one, for which I am very grateful to her. This scrubber is very light, with the smallest soft particles, perfectly cleanses the skin without tightening it. The skin is fresh and does not require special hydration. Scrub very carefully cleanses the skin, improves complexion and tones. I really like the smell, it is the same in the whole series, thank God, such a rose aroma with notes of grapes.
The photo shows that there is almost nothing left of the scrub, but this is not a problem, it costs no more than 40 rubles and I will buy it without fail!
Duration of use: 2 months
Rating: 5 ++++++++++
2. One hundred beauty recipes Foam for washing "Moisturizing and freshness."
My opinion: In general, I wash off my makeup with such foams and gels, because I do not like to use makeup removers. And, usually, after any such remedy, black traces of mascara remained under the eyes, which had to be washed additionally with a cotton pad. Having washed for the first time with this foam, I was pleasantly surprised, because the skin was Absolutely Clean. Soft, pleasant to the touch and without a drop of makeup. It does not dry skin, it refreshes, it does not pinch your eyes! After washing, sometimes I don’t even use cream or use it - from the same series. It suits me very much, I am delighted. In general, now this is my favorite wash. And taking into account the price ...
She took the wash 2 weeks ago, a very economical expense. The price is also no more than 40 rubles. I will buy more, be sure.
Duration of use: 2 weeks
Rating: 5 +++++
3. One hundred beauty recipes Face cream "Moisturizing and freshness" for normal and combination skin.
My opinion: Cream, like everything else, I also really liked. It is lightweight, quickly absorbed, moisturizes the skin, refreshes and tones it, does not leave a sticky unpleasant film. The consistency is quite normal, it smells nice and perfect for my combination skin. Where it is dry - moistened, where it is oily - it returned to normal. Easy day cream! I will buy! It costs 30 rubles.

Duration of use: 2 weeks
Rating: 5 ++++++++
Thanks for attention!
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