Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eye Shadow Reviews

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Today I want to share a piece of spring mood in the story about the palette of shadows Chanel Les 4 Ombres - 32 Lilium.
This palette turned out to be by chance with me - it was presented to the eighth party and was very fond of. Since then, if you need a daily, unobtrusive make-up - I turn to her.
Perhaps I will not tell you anything new, but to whom it is interesting - welcome under kat)

This is my first palette from the luxury segment. And even though I really like her, I can’t do without criticism.
The black case is laconic and stylistically sustained.
It looks beautiful, conveniently opens, high-quality sponges - pleasant in every way ... But! Chesslovo, in order to achieve a photogenic look of shadows with cotton buds with help, I worked hard for fame. Inside, the pallet is very dusty due to the peculiarities of the internal structure and the fact that I often apply them with a brush. In general, in life, the palette does not look like ice and the stylish black case is to blame. It’s stupid to criticize such a brand, of course, but I couldn’t help saying))
So, the palette is quite versatile and varied, you can use one color, you can combine any two or three, and with skill four, you get a lot of make-ups "and right into the world." I prefer to use two or three shades.
As for the quality of the shadows - there are no complaints, they are kept at the base all day. When applied with a brush, they give more watercolor tones, lie brighter with a sponge. I perceive their transparency as a virtue.
I haven’t tried it in a wet way, I’m afraid to spoil, “grind” the surface of the shadows. I haven’t tried it on a pencil back yet, but I’m sure that gray and dark green will look great.
Swatch based on the shadow:
A little about each color:
1. Light pink. Pearl, very transparent and delicate color. Almost invisible, but gives a pretty flicker. I use under the brow and the inner corner of the eye. The pink shade is elusive, it blends wonderfully with both gray and green shades from the palette.
2. Light green. Wonderful soft - lime color ... very beautiful, but it is difficult to achieve the desired intensity, for this I put it with my native sponge in driving movements. A slight accent refreshes makeup. I use it for the middle of the century, as a highlight.
3.Dark emerald green. Wonderful deep color, the most saturated of the palette. I use to darken the outer corner of the eyelid. I apply with a brush, it gives a beautiful color.
4. Gray. Wonderful, sparkling gray. But very moody, you have to work hard to achieve the desired intensity.

I will demonstrate makeup with all four shades:
On the upper eyelid from the inner corner - pink, light and dark green, on the lower eyelid - gray (almost invisible, but it is there)). Plus a plum arrow.

I also consider it necessary to demonstrate not very successful makeup using dark green and gray colors from this palette. Here I added a "strange" pink, more saturated and not that ... the harmony of color did not happen.
I’m no longer experimenting, the shades from the palette are very friendly with each other and the “additives” do not require) The palette is self-sufficient.

Rating: 5
Test period: since March.
Price:about 1800 p. with maximum discount
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