Belweder Lip Balms

Good day to all!
Dear girls, I ask for your help!

The other day I bought Protective Regenerating Lipstick with Aloe Vera Vitamin E and Cottonseed Oil Belweder.
I already had one before, really liked it. Having opened the box, naturally already at home, I found that the stick is not the same as it was the last time (after reading carefully using the Internet I found out what is inside Sun-protective moisturizing lipstick with vitamin E the same company.
I myself don’t know how this could happen (One box, the contents are different ((I took the lipstick myself from the stand, where there were a lot of them. Maybe the party got this with the marriage (So I want to ask you, because I found only one review for this lipstick and that with a 2 + rating ((On the one hand, the sun-protective factor attracts, on the other hand ... suddenly some kind of fake (Use or go exchange? What can you say about the sun-protective lipstick?
I would be grateful for the feedback!
Photos from the manufacturer’s website

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