Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher Reviews

I walked around this tool for about a month, both literally and figuratively - the Estee Lauder booth is located next to Clinique, but I decided to buy it only after all the discussions and testing that we conducted at work!
So, about the tool:
Price: $ 75 before tax, $ 81.91 after tax, with my 30% discount - $ 57.34
Test period: 2 weeks, continue to use
What does the manufacturer promise us? Evened skin tone, reduced visibility of black dots, clogged pores and “microtenes”. The skin glows with health and looks younger and radiant in 4 weeks!
What did I notice?
- Visual, I repeat - visual narrowing of pores
- A pleasant smell, for some reason it reminds me of citrus,
- Light texture, quickly absorbed,
- An abundance of herbal ingredients (plus, of course, silicones, but without them)
- Economic consumption, 2 presses of the pump are enough for me on the whole face.
The effect is excellent, there is no need to use a primer for the tonal base. It does not pinch, does not cause redness, which with my sensitive skin is a big plus!
Most likely the effect will disappear after you stop using this tool, which is of course a minus, but the narrowing of the pores is a lottery, moreover, a genetic one! So I will take what they give and I will be satisfied!
My verdict - 5 points
Have a great day everyone!

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