Shadows Art-Visage No. 113, No. 118, No. 120

The photo:
Detailed opinion: I bought these shadows from the company Art Visage, quite by accident and have never once been disappointed in them. Despite its cost, a very worthy product for the eyes. Pretty good pigmentation and durability. during the day, the shadows do not lose their color. They have a very nice texture. They do not crumble during the day, resistance without a base is about 8-9 hours without loss of color.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
Tint No. 113
Tint No. 118
Hue number 120
in daylight
In artificial light
Price: 100 rubles - 1 pc.
Test period: 2 weeks
My name is Ksenia, to me on "you"

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