Bright representative of the Dutch OPI collection "Kiss me on my tulips"

Good afternoon, beauties. Today I would like to tell you about the varnish from the OPI Dutch collection that is undeservedly ignored at the Beautician "Kiss me on my tulips".
After a sleepy winter with a complete absence of bright colors, I come off completely on OPI. This is my third varnish of this company, and so far it has not failed me.
Lacquer cream texture, with a complete lack of shimmer. Resistance is standard for varnishes of this company - 4 days, then the tips begin to wear out. Glossy finish (all photos without a top)
Color ... At its core, it is not unique, there are many similar shades from other manufacturers. It is a bright, uplifting, invigorating fuchsia. For such a varnish you need the perfect manicure.

In the bottle, the shade is a little more muffled.

I want to note that this is a mini version of the varnish with a volume of 3.75 ml. Here is such a kid in comparison with the full version:
I really don't like the brush in the mini version! It is smaller, thinner and less elastic. Why does OPI pity its patented brushes on them?
Compared to a standard brush:
And here is the full image (I apologize for the stains on the glass):
Cost: $ 4
Rating: 5- (minus for the brush in the mini version)

Thanks for attention!
Happy holiday to you!

Watch the video: Swatch OPI - Kiss me on my Tulips + OPI - I Lily Love You (March 2020).