Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Flash-Pamping Spotlight Shine Lipgloss Reviews

And again, good evening, dear beauticians!
Although it is rainy in Moscow today, the sun nevertheless pleases our eyes almost daily, which means that it is time to use iridescent sparkles!
Detailed opinion: I received a sparkle from the spring collection of the Dior house as a gift from a young man (for which I thank him for the millionth time). As I said, I can’t, I can’t and I don’t use bright shines / lipsticks, so a similar pastel pink shade with millions of pink, green and yellow spangles, of course, attracted my attention. (But the camera decided to ignore this whole thing)
All in all, I am delighted! This is my first Dior shine, but now I know that not the last! Stylish packaging, comfortable brush, tightly closed, does not spill anywhere, beautiful color, suitable for absolutely any make-up. It can be applied in a second layer to the first one that has already been slightly absorbed and will be quite aesthetically pleasing (which cannot be said about the hero of my next post). Spangles are small, on the lips do not interfere. Flowing into folds: flowing, not fatal, but there is. But maybe Dasha just can’t care for her lips? Or hands grow out of the wrong place? I don’t know, everything can be, but it’s a splendor and I forgive such leakage, because I can’t call it significant, the shade conceals, and I really like the color and the look. Regarding durability: it’s always difficult for me to say something here, because I don’t I talk only when I sleep But for 2-3 hours I watch it on myself, but I don’t need it anymore, because with such beauty it’s only nice to make up lips again! In general, it’s a wonderful creation, it’s a pity that the limit is because it’s coming to an end for me (yes, I actively used it). We look! (and remember the scar that we don’t comment on)

Price: this is a gift, but I think that no more than 1000 at a discount
Test period: from January 21, 2012
Rating: 5!!!
Well, fool around at the end
Thank you all very much, my name is Dasha and everything is as usual - on "you"!

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