Pretty Maybelline hydra extreme No. 600 precious petal

Hello girls! Today I want to tell you about this sweet from Maybellin.
Bought because of the color, was the last on the counter. They said that such a series is discontinued ((Sorry. The color is amazing.
And so the photo:
The photo:

Detailed opinion:
pretty sweet) despite the presence of a large shimmer. It is practically not felt. The smell is pleasant. She eats up quite quickly but remains on the lips a pleasant gloss due to the shimmer. It is consumed quite quickly. The crease is not clogged. On my pigmented lips, the lipstick looks like a pinkish one, the color is even more distorted in the photo, but in life it is more metallic. In my opinion a great lipstick for such a ridiculous price.
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):

General view with lipstick:
was at a discount, cost 110 rubles.
Test period:
2 months.
You and your men on Victory Day!

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