Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 Reviews

I have a desire to tell you about a very stable lip gloss from CLINIQUE shade # 03 Glamor-Full

I was a little shocked when I saw my karma go down and decided "well, for exams, I'm going to write a post!"
I chose for a long time to tell you something and decided about my favorite but rarely used lip gloss ...
I bought it at the Letual sale a couple of months ago, I just grabbed it and went to the cashier ...
When I opened, I thought that I would not wear it, but it turned out that he was very personal :)
+ durability (oooochen big, 3 hours there, I erase it myself barely)
+ color (tanning ... mmmm)
+ ease of application (although at first it was difficult)
+ no stupid white strip
+ does not flow into folds
-sticky! very sticky! but it’s probably better to +, because it’s resistant ...
- at first it can be hard to apply, very thick
So photo)
In this photo you can see his golden shimmer, I also apologize for the broken bottle, I traveled in a bag without a makeup bag before)
This sponge has a shine ... Although I like brushes, I can easily control them too)

I found a photo where I said something in artificial lighting or a flash in the photo I say something, but it is clear that it is not in the folds)

As for the sensations, it is applied easily, without stains, etc., after about 5 minutes after application, it begins to tingle.
On the box it was written like "apply without contour, after the nth number of days it will make the contour of your lips more clear", which is probably why it is pricked :)
Duration of use - about 2-3 months
Rating -5
Price- per share about 500 r

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