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Radiant mood to all beauticians! My post (by the way, my the first post) will be dedicated to your favorite mast-head products of the Japanese brand Lebel. I ask for kat interested)
A repair in my mink prompted me to create a post, during which I had to disassemble and temporarily relocate the strategic supplies of the bathroom.) It turned out that most of my hair care is made up of products of this brand. Today I decided to talk about the basic part of care, namely about shampoos and balms, which I buy not the first and definitely not the last time.
About your hair: at the moment, the hair is not dyed (it was still possible to grow its color), restored with oils and cares, so there are no more global complaints about them)
My requirements for shampoos and balms: natural components, therapeutic effect, neutral and unobtrusive aroma (I present this requirement to all cosmetic products, because I clearly feel the smallest aromas, I can smell people, newspapers, magazines, fabrics, etc. For this property, relatives are called a “bloodhound”)) and the lack of weighting - I do not like it when the product is noticeable on the hair. In general, I love when the hair is as vibrant and healthy as possible. And they didn’t just look like that - as many manufacturers slyly promise - but they were like that from the inside.
I'll start with a review natural series.
This series is designed for unpainted and slightly damaged hair, all products are based on natural ingredients.
general form

Shampoos, volume 240 ml.

Lebel Natural Hair Soap with Seaweed - Seaweed treatment shampoo for normal to slightly damaged hair with soya lecithin and chamomile extract.

The manufacturer promises something like this - algae rich in minerals and vitamins repair hair damage by moisturizing and nourishing them. A UV filter protects hair from damage, preventing the change of proteins that occur under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Recommended for use before swimming in the sea (increased UV-factor), for those who visit the pool (protection against antiseptics). Soya lecithin creates a protective barrier. Well, chamomile is also a chamomile in Africa: it moisturizes, nourishes and soothes.
My opinion: The manufacturer does not cheat! My one-on-one favorite! Suitable for daily use, rinses hair well (without creaking), hair after it is lively, shiny, resilient, obedient, light, silky, keeps hair styling well. Often after using this shampoo, I do not use balm. I also sometimes use it to wash my son’s hair.)
The consistency is very liquid, has a light transparent greenish tint, a pleasant grassy odor (algae, not otherwise), which does not stay on the hair, foams well, is easily washed off.
in a small minus of all products I’ll put this paper sticker with a description in Russian, because from contact with water it takes on such an unsightly look.
Rating: single 5!
Lebel Natural Hair Soap with Jojoba - Therapeutic moisturizing shampoo for dry hair with jojoba oil and chamomile and gardenia extracts.

As you know, jojoba oil perfectly moisturizes and retains moisture, so manufacturers recommend this shampoo for the care and treatment of dry, damaged and hair extensions.
My opinion: I use it as a preventive measure before styling with a hairdryer or curling irons. With moisturizing hair really copes with a bang, but does not make it heavier, freshness and purity stably last 3-4 days.
Incredibly smooths hair, gives shine and silkiness, after use, the hair does not ask for a balm.
It has the same liquid consistency and pleasant unobtrusive odor as the shampoo described above.
Rating: 5 and only 5!
Masks, volume 140 ml:
Lebel Natural Hair Treatment Conditioning with Wheat Protein - A conditioning mask with wheat protein, wheat germ oil and honey.

Designed to care for thin, damaged hair, removes static, facilitates styling, nourishes, smoothes hair structure. Wheat protein and wheat germ oil retain moisture, make hair smooth and silky. Honey maintains water balance of hair.
My opinion: Not just conditioning, but also healing. Hair does not split, does not break, does not electrify. After use, the hair is elastic, shiny, vibrant, smooth, light, compacted. An unobtrusive fragrance that I can’t recognize - something fresh and light, some herbs).
As for the texture, it is a little heterogeneous, with small lumps that are easily rubbed on the hands. The mask is incredibly economical.
Rating: 5
Lebel Natural Hair Treatment Pack with Egg Protein is a nourishing mask based on egg yolk oil, with vitamin E, gardenia extract and honey.

Designed to restore and strengthen the damaged hair structure, the natural components of the egg nourish, moisturize and protect hair.
My opinion: it looks similar to the previous mask in the caring and healing properties, except that it adds volume to the hair, apparently, the magical power of the yolk affects) Most of all, the cost-effectiveness of these masks strikes me - literally a drop is needed! I used them twice a week, these tubes weighing me enough for a year!
Rating: 5.
All products cost 800-1000 rubles through beauty salons and the Internet, but I get about 600 without extra charges (thanks to my master and girlfriend at the same time).
Test period: 2 years.
Lebel IAU Infinity Aurum is an aromatic sulfate-free amino acid series. .
A series is suitable both for dyed hair and for unpainted. After her hair is incredibly smooth, moisturized firmly hold the aroma of a rose. They do not contain sulfates, have an amino acid base, and, accordingly, are suitable for sensitive scalp.
Lyrical digression: The products of this series plunge me into deep childhood when my great-grandmother used a balm with a rose, which smelled exactly like the remedies in this series.) Below is a picture of that balm itself - I’m sure that not only I had a grandmother who loved this iron tube with a magic smell of a rose)
Lebel I.A.U. Cleansing RELAXMENT - Cleansing fragrance shampoo for daily care with licorice root and chamomile extract for dry scalp.
We are promised a gentle cleansing of the scalp, maintaining a healthy hydrolipidic balance due to the absence of sulfates; solving the problems of dry dandruff and seborrhea; wound healing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect; prolongation of color saturation for dyed hair and natural shine. Complete care for dry, brittle and dyed hair.
My opinion: I use as a prophylaxis. Well, for fun) It rinses hair well (without creaking), hair is silky, elastic, fresh 3-4 days. And shine incredibly! Well, the aroma ... really relaxes and carries away to childhood) The composition of the aroma composition includes chamomile, greens, geranium, rose, ambergris, musk. This fragrance hair holds two days)
Since shampoo incredibly smoothes hair, I use it when I want smooth hair without using an iron.
The texture is liquid and completely transparent, so I did not take pictures of this “water”.
I also constantly use shampoo for normal scalp from this series, but yesterday I used its remnants, and I still haven't got a new bottle.
My mark: 5.
Lebel I.A.U. cream Silky Repair - Aroma cream with a melting texture to moisturize hard and dry hair.

Designed for tough, curly, dry hair. Manufacturers promise a complex of cell membranes and honey essence in the composition; brightness of dyed hair; moisture preservation, protection against dryness, moisturizing, nutrition, softening, radiant shine, flexibility in styling. It also prevents the absorption of external odors and protection from the sun.
My opinion: to keep silent about the aroma and the buzz from use or speak out once more?) as part of the aroma composition passion fruit, wild strawberry, rose, violet, musk, sandalwood, ambergris. Most of all, strawberries and passion fruit are heard in the aroma, the aroma is fresh, berry, lasts 2-3 days on the hair.
The tool is quite intense, it is easy to overdo it, so I use it as a mask once every 10 days. It smooths and nourishes the hair very well.
The texture is homogeneous, dense. Well, also an extremely economical tool!
Price: 1000-1200 rubles through the Internet and salons and about 900 through a girlfriend)
Test period: 1.5 years.
I forgot to indicate that all products have SPF 15.
In a nutshell, I love my hair after these funds!
I am Christina, I will be glad to meet people, questions and opinions.

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