My universal eye shadow palette by Peggy Sage Paris - harmony sable

Hello dear girls! Not finding any reviews about this palette of shadows from the French company Peggy Sage, I decided to share with you my impressions of this product.
Peggy Sage is positioned as a professional cosmetics with a wide range of products. A small shop with products of this company has opened in our city, and since at that time I needed shadows, I decided to start my acquaintance with the eyeshadow palette.
At first glance, the Peggy Sage palette is very similar in design to the Isa Dora palette.

The palette includes five refills of shadows and a brush - sponge. Three shades of shadows (those that are lighter) are shimmer, or rather moderate-chimeric. In general, the shimmer is clearly visible, and in the room or in the shade it looks like satin. The black color is completely matte. About the brown shade I was going to write that it is also matte, but after looking at the photos with swatch, I’ll say that it turns out to be satin, although this is not noticeable in the eyes with shading.

I am pleased with them, but not to the end ... The “pinkish” tint disappointed me a little. The fact is that on my skin it is almost invisible, that is, only the golden shimmer in its composition is visible, and the “pinkish base” itself is practically not visible at all. Unless you just apply it in a wet way, but this option does not suit me. Black shadows crumble a little. But I noticed that it depends on the brush you apply. The pigmentation is good, they are excellent.
In the photo: on top are applied without a base, from below - on a base.
My opinion is that the shadows both on the base and without it look almost the same. I can’t say anything specifically about how they are kept in front of my eyes, since I don’t have any problems with the durability of any shadows. One thing - I don’t roll down.
The applicator that comes with the kit, in my opinion, is of quite good quality. On the one hand, a natural-bristled brush, very soft, climbed at first, but stopped after washing. On the other hand, a resilient shading sponge, very decent I will tell you.

And yet, about the smell, we all have different tastes and preferences, but in my case I just bastard from the smell of these shadows. Sometimes, in those days when I don’t apply makeup, or just don’t use this palette, I just open and smell the Smell not intrusive, delicate, powdery aroma, mmm (but this is a subjective opinion)
Well, also a photo of makeup using a palette from Peggy Sage. I want to say that you can do makeup with a more intense color than in the photo, but for me this option is acceptable.

The cost of a pallet is about 170 UAH (approx. 21 $) I have been using shadows for more than two months, but not every day.
I, Olya, come to me on "you". Thanks for stopping by.

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