MAC Viva Glam Lipstick Reviews

My first lipstick MAC viva glam GAGA
I went exactly for this lipstick, I saw her on a girl, on the Internet, and yes, she is dark, not like me, whitewash ...
It is certainly gorgeous on it. But I liked it so much as it lies on it, that I did not hesitate to buy it. My first lipstick from MAC by Lady Gaga. Very pleased, the texture is pleasant, it smells unobtrusively (even delicious!), Moisturizes well, and the color is what color, saturated, bright, but noticed a slight minus, if the lips are rough, then this lipstick emphasizes peeling very much ... You can vary the color, apply one, two, or even three layers, and + shine, it will look differently, but the color is still not a bit vulgar and sharp (and yes, I also remember the saleswomen from the past), but still for a change I like it. In such a bright layer, as in photographs with a flash, I don’t wear it, that’s too much))) But in one layer, for the summer I still like :)

sponge nude
and with viva glam GAGA


electric light

small look with lipstick

price: 670 rubles at a discount
I have been using it for about 3 months and will buy more :)

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