Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat Reviews

Hello girls! I always go with painted nails. That is why there is no more useful tool than drying for varnish for me. Now in my arsenal there are six copies. And how many there were ... not to count. There are drip dryers in the form of oil, and there are driers that look like ordinary transparent varnish. Today I want to share with you my opinion. Who cares to read and see, Welcome  
1. Sally Hansen Dry Kwik Nail Color Dryer - Oil-based varnish quick-drying agent

Detailed opinion: I bought this dryer by accident. She hoped that she was in the form of varnish. But it turned out that this is an oil-based drying. But now, having already made good use of it, I can say with confidence that oil-based dryers are very worthy of attention. It is applied to the nail with a standard brush for varnishes. The tool spreads throughout the nail plate and cuticle. After drying the varnish, the manufacturer advises rubbing the oil into the cuticle to moisturize it. The varnish does not dry very quickly, but still faster than it dries. From the pros, I can note that the color of the varnish does not change and the borders of the application are not visible, as is often the case with dryers in the form of varnishes, when they finally dry. Also there is cuticle care (you can not splurge on oil). Naturally, the product does not thicken over time. Its consumption is small, so you will use it for a very long time. Of the minuses, I can note that three layers of varnish will not dry quickly ... That is, the upper layer will harden, but the lower ones will not. This drying also does not extend the period of wearing varnish. Therefore, if the varnish is cheap and unstable, the manicure will not last long. I use this dryer when I do not need to paint my nails and urgently run somewhere.
The dried varnish looks like this. As if they just applied oil to the cuticle:
Price: about 200 rubles for 13.3 ml.
Rating: 4
2. INM Out The Door Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat "Gold" - Dryer-fixer of varnish with holographic particles (gold)
Detailed opinion: This drying should have been left for dessert ... but so I placed the drying in the main photo. I am sure that everyone who tried these famous Out The Door dryers will remain faithful to them forever. Drying is a transparent varnish, on the bottom there are many, many holographic particles. If you shake the varnish (inside two balls), then these particles rise and the varnish begins to flicker very beautifully. At first, I doubted if I could wear these shimmer-sparkles on my nails. But it turned out that these flickering particles are not always discerned. They do not change the color of the varnish, but simply beautifully shimmer in the sun. It is also worth noting that if you do not shake up the varnish, then you will get a standard transparent dryer. That is, variations are present. The varnish is moderately liquid, does not flow onto the cuticle. Dries the varnish just instantly and reinforced concrete. Even four layers. What makes me particularly happy is that the borders of the application of drying are not visible (I hope you understand what I mean). Significantly prolongs the life of manicure. It does not thicken for a very long time. And in general, I did not find any cons here. I advise everyone. Moreover, these dryers are in the classic version - just transparent. And there is with silver particles, also very beautiful.
So the varnish looks if you shake it:
Applied in two layers after shaking. In my opinion it is very delicate:

Price: about 350 rubles for 15 ml.
Rating: 5+
3. Essie Good To Go Rapid Dry Coat

Detailed opinion: I heard a lot of positive reviews about this dryer. Therefore, when I started an affair with Essie varnishes, I got this top right there. Drying itself in the form of varnish, transparent color. At first it’s quite liquid, but it thickens quickly. I didn’t really like it. Nevertheless, the varnish dries very quickly, even several layers. Manicure life extends, but not like the top from INM. If not applied to the entire nail, the borders of the application of drying may be visible. Therefore, you should be careful with this top. Basically, I use this vial, but I won’t buy it anymore. I will not attach photographs, since here everything is without special effects. Normal transparent varnish.
Price: about 300 rubles for 13.5 ml.
Rating: 4-
4. Smart Enamel Super Drying Booster from Frenchi - Smart Enamel Super-Drying for fresh manicure with geranium oil from the Frenchi concern

Detailed opinion: This is also oil drying. It is in a vial with a pipette, which is rather inconvenient to distribute the product over the nail. Too much oil is poured and you can grease them with everything. Traces remain, verified! Pink geranium oil  . But the smell is barely perceptible. It was after this drying that I felt that drip drying could not really do its job. She doesn’t dry anything at all. Therefore, it can only be used as a cuticle moisturizer. I use it when the rest of the funds run out. Well, that is, I will smear on her and sit, I carefully inspire myself that the nails dry faster. I have had this bottle for a very long time, but the shelf life expires only in 2014. There will be no photos either, as the final result looks similar to the swatch of the first product.
Price: about 150 rubles per 15 ml.
Rating: 2
5. Sagitta Nail Lacquer Quick Dry - Quick Dry Nail Polish
Detailed opinion: I bought this dryer in the subway passage. By the way, I haven’t met them anywhere else. A friend of mine advised me, and the price was ridiculous - only 90 rubles. I did not expect the best result, but it turned out that the drying was very good. Very liquid, (this, perhaps, is its only negative), but for me it is better to be liquid than thick. Lies in a thin layer, perfectly dries all layers of varnish. Long lasts and extends the life of manicure. I also want to note that it gives an unusual glossy effect, although this is not stated by the manufacturer. As already mentioned above, due to its liquid there are small problems with the application. If you take a lot of varnish on the brush, then drying can leak on the cuticle, and also spoil the ideal line of varnish at the nail hole. I learned how to cope with this, so I will not reduce the score. The color of the drying is transparent, but I have it slightly colored due to my love for red varnishes.
Gloss in the sun. Not every top gives such an effect:
Price: 90 rubles for 17 ml.
Rating: 5
6. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat - Dryer-fixer of varnish against peeling

Detailed opinion: Do not be alarmed, drying is transparent, not red, as you might think at first. Drying in the form of varnish. But to be honest, I cannot name this tool otherwise than a misunderstanding. She does her job well ... the first two weeks. But then something terrible begins. It is so thick that applying it is hell. This thick layer itself needs to be dried on top. Also, the next day, the varnish begins to exfoliate and, thinking, it can be removed with a film from the nail at a time  . Outrage, in general! There will be no swatch, since the varnish is transparent, without special effects.
Price: about 350 rubles for 13.3 ml.
Girls, I hope, helped you in choosing  
My name is Sofia, I wish you extraordinary beauty!

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