Chanel Le Blanc De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base Reviews

I’ll tell you how the foundation for Le Blanc de Chanel makeup works, which of the functions declared by the manufacturer it performs and the three ways to use it.
So, the Foundation that improves complexion is Le Blanc de Chanel.

Many complain about an uncomfortable bottle - this base does not have a dispenser, but a bundle comes with it. This does not bother me at all, I’m used to tools with spatula.

White substance, liquid consistency. The whole face requires approximately the following amount:
After shading, the skin shines. Moreover, the radiance is not due to the sparkles in the composition, as in the basis of Guerlain Meteorites. My lack of sparkles sincerely pleases.
Now the composition: nothing criminal, there are silicones. If the skin is sensitive to silicones and reacts to them with clogged pores, I would not recommend using such a base often.

Now about the promises:
1) improved complexion. Well, there is such a moment. Due to the pearly radiance, the skin as a whole looks more well-groomed, the complexion is evened out a little on the whole.
2) hydration. Although the base emphasizes peeling very strongly, it does moisturize the skin. For example, Dior Forever foundation (with a high percentage of alcohol) dries my skin. With the Chanel base there are no such consequences.
3) about resistance. This is the strongest side of the base. My skin is prone to oily. With Chanel base makeup can last until the evening in its original form. Yesterday I tested its effect in the heat of +30 C, with the scorching sun. Withstood. The tonal not drip.
Often this base is taken, hoping for a brightening of the skin tone. This manufacturer does not promise. However, to some extent, the brightening takes place. BUT: my skin is thin, transparent, all the vessels out. With the Chanel base, they become even more noticeable. I will show on the area under the cheekbones: (on the left - without a base, on the right with Le Blanc de Chanel)
A radiance was added, thanks to which the WHOLE complexion will appear more even, but in some areas outward defects (
Now about the three uses that the manufacturer offers.
1) After leaving, use to give radiance to the skin. Since the base emphasizes peeling and other flaws, I do not go with the base alone. I always put a tone, I use a corrector and powder. The corrector is necessary, because the base makes the bruises under the eyes unrealistically purple. It can not be applied, rubbing. It is necessary to drive in with fingers, then she is not naughty. I will show the photo only with the base and tone. Emphasis on bruises))) No vulgar glitter, a little shine from the inside.
And closer:

2) The manufacturer advises mixing the base with foundation to make its shade lighter. I would not recommend doing this. Because you will shade the foundation, and any shade of Le Blanc de Chanel emphasizes even those peeling that you did not know about.
3) As another way, it is proposed to apply Le Blanc after completing makeup on the cheekbones (well, and in another way use the foundation for modeling the face). Well, I tried ... There is no special effect, the base is already "glowing from under the tonal". A couple of hours - and it will look like a vulgar oily sheen. Although it seems so ... In general, with this method of application, I would not risk "going out into the people". Perhaps this method is suitable for girls with dry skin who do not like powders, shimmers, sparkles, meteorites, etc., and would like to model their faces.

Duration of use: 3 months.
Price: something about 1,500 rubles.
Rating: 5 for stamina, 2 for underlining peeling, and in general, as a basis for improving complexion - 4-.
N.B .: I do not advise owners of oily skin, as well as those who have uneven skin texture - the basis will emphasize this, it is better to take a regular silicone base.
I hope someone helped with this review) Dasha.

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