Help find a matting agent

Hello to all members of the community!
I appeal to you for help in selecting a good matting agent. I’ve been searching for a really good remedy for about a year, but I can’t find it, and that’s why I decided to seek the help of knowledgeable people ... I have combination skin that quickly oily (shine appears within an hour after applying makeup), I have to use matting wipes just constantly. Moreover, the skin is prone to dryness. And to all this, a major headache was added: strong pore plugging.
I am slowly learning to understand the compositions and calculate the ingredients that provoke it, but it's quite a long time and not easy, especially for a beginner. That's why I need the help of people who may have faced / are facing the same problems and can advise something matting, based on my experience and preferably on some knowledge of the compositions.
Here are again the main features that I would very much like to take into account:
1. strong matting
2. lack of comedogenic components
3. any texture
4. price within 1500 (desirable)
5. lack of drying of the skin (desirable, but not necessary)
I would be very, very grateful if, nevertheless, there is such a product that meets my requirements, and such a person who knows about this product!

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