Everyday Minerals or Everyday Minerals

I really love brushes with wooden handles. Tactile, they feel great. Yes, and look great!

Solid, neatly made brushes immediately have it. I want to use and use them. EM is one of those.
The brushes are superbly full, it’s nice to hold them in your hands. The pile is artificial, made of * taclone, so extraordinary tenderness is guaranteed. And if you compare it with the pile of Real Techniques and Eco Tools, then here it is the most dense.
Everyday Minerals Flat Top Brush
Kabuki flat cut
What is the basis without a flat top?
I generally have a weakness for flat kabuki. Something must be in them.
It seems to me that with such brushes the most uniform coating is obtained. The brush perfectly collects and distributes the powder, the density of the application can be adjusted. I do not like to layer powder and try to apply it in a thin layer.
Price: $ 12.00
Rating: 5
Everyday Minerals Long Handled Kabuki Brush
Kabuki with a long handle
I would call this brush polishing. It is not as dense as a flat top and more fluffy. Powder veils, illuminators, meteorites are just for her.
Price: $ 12.00
Rating: 5
Everyday Minerals Angled Blush Brush
Beveled Blush Brush
The short handle is convenient for me, and the beveled shape is familiar.
I have been using a beveled brush for Sigma blush for a long time. Natural pile is rude, when compared with taclone, but it works properly, applies evenly, moderately dense. Big rounded puffer Real Techniques is very delicate and soft, great for friable textures. Compared with them, the beveled EM has the most dense pile. Use well pressed blush on it. I basically do that.
I also tried to adapt the brush for cream highlighters. It turns out very much nothing. And then I still couldn’t pick up a brush for cream textures. All were not dense enough.
I rarely use mineral blush and use the RT brush under them.
Price: $ 12.00
Rating: 5
Their handles are varnished, so at first I wondered: where such a smell is incomprehensible, the taclon does not smell. It turned out that this varnish is to blame.
The brushes fit in the palm of your hand, you feel such a pleasant heaviness. Their small size suits me, so it’s more convenient to work. And why bother to attach long handles to brushes ...
Everyday Minerals Angled Kabuki Brush
Beveled kabuki
For bronzers and all kinds of highlights, cheekbones with a beveled brush should be distinguished - that’s it.
Together with Kabuki Real Techniques and Eco Tools:
In terms of density, the beveled EM, in my opinion, is the same as the folding RT. Only RT is a little smaller. ET of them is the smallest and least dense. I wrote about RT and ET brushes in previous posts.
Price: $ 12.00
Rating: 5
Everyday Minerals Eco Botan Artisan Kabuki Brush
An interesting name for the brush. I became interested and decided to take a closer look at it. Such a kabuki-borovichka turned out to be:
The brush is wide, the most fleecy of the five. This can be applied quickly both conventional and mineral powder.
A solid, solid brush. Somehow she immediately liked me.
Together with Angled Kabuki:

In size, they are generally similar, only Eco Botan Artisan is more voluminous. The handles are not finished with varnish.
Price: $ 22.00
Rating: 5
Firmly knit, delicate, solidly made brushes. I am pleased with them. For the first time I met brushes with such a dense pile. Delicate density is exactly what I was looking for.
Each new brand tested as a discovery. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes not very.
Variety welcome everywhere. Big, small, long, short. For the face - taclone, for the eyes - natural.
If I characterize the tried and tested brushes of different brands in one word, then:
RT - air, ET - amateur, EM - solid.
By the way, I was almost tempted by the beveled eyes EM, but then I thought: why do I need it? After all, I am fine with Sigma. Yes, and have not yet met brushes for the eyes better than natural bristles. It should be all ahead.
For reference:
* Taclon is a synthetic fiber as close as possible to natural hair. Taclon brushes - not only are not inferior in their characteristics, but also surpass them. The price of real taclon brushes is practically not inferior to natural brushes. Many sellers sell taclone for sable or squirrel - and it is really difficult to distinguish them if you only set fire to the villi (when setting fire to a taclone, the hair melts and no specific smell is emitted as when burning natural).
Taclon has a number of undeniable advantages over natural brushes:
1) they can be washed even after each use (which is very important for professional makeup artists);
2) they cannot cause allergies (if a person has a tendency to allergies from wool, hair, etc.);
3) Taclon has such a property - how not to take excess cosmetics - i.e. it is believed that using a taclon brush reduces the consumption of cosmetics;
4) they keep their shape much longer.

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