A bath full of bubbles. O.p.i. S86

An unearthly love for nude varnishes will ever destroy me;)

I am always looking for the perfect varnish that would look beautiful and the solo and look quite attractive under the jacket. All tested up to this point were "one-sided", universality did not even smell. Basically, everything was whitened too much, and wearing in one layer seemed impossible due to baldness and furrow marks of the brush. In general, at the first opportunity I grab all the translucent pink nude, to which the eyes fall. By the way, such junk in the order of about fifteen pieces has accumulated. At sixteenth, I was saddened by something and without much enthusiasm at the checkout I paid for two brand new OPI bottles, one of which will be discussed.
Firstly, for a very long time I wanted the treasured ballerina EL (laudatory reviews simply did not let me sleep at night), but, according to the law of meanness, there is a tester, not available. I suffered for a long time, almost exhausted my whole environment by whining, in almost every post about a ballerina complained about the viciousness of the world and the lack of justice, because EL varnishes were not delivered to us. And then, one fine day, the charming girl Natalya (Mirma) sent a message that, they say, there is an almost indistinguishable analogue of the ballerina in opi. Since then I have tirelessly searched for the cherished opi bubble bath. Found in strange and sad circumstances, at that time this purchase significantly raised my spirits and acquired a kind of touching character. In general, this bubble is doubly appreciated from me =)
Full name of varnish: O.P.I. - Bubble Bath S86
Detailed opinion: About the quality of varnishes opi heard, I think, if not all, then very many. Most of them are easy to apply, comfortable brush, dry quickly. BB is no exception. Moreover, this is my express option, I can paint even in a dark cinema hall, with low visibility, because the varnish has a jelly-like console, translucent texture and is very easy to apply. In one layer gives a light pink tint, the second, third condense the color. In general, see for yourself.

Price: 320 rub
Rating: I usually can’t give marks to varnishes, but here, of course, 5+
Thanks for attention,
Margarita =)

Watch the video: OPI GelColor S86 Bubble Bath (March 2020).