Purple dust from Dance Legend

Full name of varnish: Nail polish Dance Legend No. 270 Melange collection
Detailed opinion:
For a long, long time I looked at this varnish in the online store. Some kind of dusted shade confused me, I do not wear such. But my curiosity prevailed. Not a bit about this I do not regret. Now I am a fan of this series and would like to buy a couple more of such "dusty" shades.
Resistance, in principle, is normal. 3 days of socks, left my nails after cleaning the apartment (I will show in the photo)
The hue is very different. It all depends on the lighting. Without the sun, it’s just dusty, a beautiful pink-gold shimmer appears in the sun
Standard brush for varnishes DL. It is comfortable for me
By texture, it is not liquid, such a gentle cream that is easy to apply.
In the photo everywhere 2 layers with top-dryer
It is erased without problems, does not stain the skin, a small shimmer does not cause any difficulties

in the sun

catching a larger shimmer

painted nails the color of a sweater

image in general

so ugly he left after cleaning the house

Price: 180 rubles, online store
Rating: 5 for color, 5 for application, 4 for durability (could have come down more intelligently)
I am still Inna and to me on "you"))

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