All the colors of the rainbow and more! Pupa Holographic Nail Polish # 033 and # 036

Here it is! The real summer is now always with me, always when I want!
Who is cold and bored - welcome

Not knowing that such a wonderful collection came out, I wandered around the store, and accidentally saw many different holographic bubbles that I had been looking for in a company for a very long time! And of course I grabbed them! I chose 2 satisfied with contrasting, pink and blue, and when I arrived home, in the evening I saw the first post about this collection in these 2 shades. Is it worth saying that I flew a bullet right there to paint their nails. And I have never been disappointed.
Full name of varnishes: Pupa Holographic Nail Polish # 033; Pupa Holographic Nail Polish # 036
Detailed opinion: I did a double manicure with them. Maybe someone doesn’t like it, but I’m wildly delighted with the combination!
I paint all the varnishes at the base, and fix with a top on top. The first layer goes without stripes, while it is jewelry thin! But I, as a person accustomed to always paint only 2 layers, made up the second one, the coating turned out to be the same very thin.
I was afraid to cover with the top, knowing the peculiarity of holographics to “steal” the holographic effect directly, and, having covered one fingernail with the top, I saw that the overflows really ran away somewhere. But having dried up, literally in 20 seconds - they returned! And I boldly covered all the nails with the top.
The varnish dries very quickly. But worn not so wonderful. On day 3, it starts to climb off the ends, and on the corners of the nails, in the most vulnerable places, it breaks off a bit. But it’s nothing, you can repaint it, although with such nails I was ready to walk at least all week! I walked these days, constantly examining the nails, constantly searching and finding new shades in different lighting conditions.
I am especially delighted with the blue baby - it sparkles, eclipsing everything around, although pink is not much behind.
Talk less, work more.

Crazy sparkle in the sunset sun, I could not tear myself away!

There are visible scuffs on the 3rd day.

Price: about 190 rub. for every.
Rating: pink 5;
blue 5 ++++! (for crazy transfusions!)
I’m Alyonka, it’s possible for you to come to me.
P.S. I have never taken so many photos for any varnish! And these as many as 180 pieces