New love - eyeshadow palette Flormar quartet eyeshadow 405

If I'm not mistaken, then there are no reviews on this palette on the Beautician, so I will be the first.
Moreover, there is something to tell and something to share;))

Packaging - standard white plastic "round" with a translucent lid:
They opened, saw a small semicircle of the mirror, a curved sponge, rather uncomfortable (but which I use successfully;)) and 4 simply GORGEOUS, clean, saturated colors:

Colors and texture closer.
Violet - Satin with a light purple shimmer, almost imperceptible
Brown-bronze - satin with a golden shimmer, "warm" shade
Turquoise - Satin with a barely noticeable blue shimmer
Green - slightly muffled "grassy", light, "warm", a slightly greenish shimmer

Swatch on the fingers

There will be no swatch in front of my eyes, I am preparing a separate post with makeup using shades from this palette.
All shades have a satin finish, brown is quite brilliant, but the gloss is delicate (this is by no means a mother of pearl!), The shimmer is not multi-colored, the other 3 shades practically do not shine, but it is difficult to call them matte. This is exactly “satin” - a little moist, delicate, delicate.
Pigmentation is just “AH!”.
Colors are not distorted during application, remain as bright and saturated as in a palette.
Swatch on fingers performed without a base, I just gently (!) Rubbed my dry fingers on the surface of the shadows.
Persistence on the eyelids (using a liquid mineral base as a base) - 4-5 hours in hot, humid weather (the shadows did not roll and the color remained as intense as when applied). I want to note that after 4-5 hours I washed my face as necessary, perhaps the shadows would continue their “life” for centuries, but I still had no opportunity to test them for a longer period of time. In general, judging by the reviews, their durability is wonderful ...
By texture - compacted medium, typed easily (I prefer sponge), do not crumble and do not dust.
Easy to stew and layered.
Shades, of course, attract attention immediately: they are luxurious and a little defiant at the same time ...
Because of them, a palette was bought (and this is by me, NOT a lover of using shadows IN PRINCIPLE)!
Needless to say - a set of colors is ideal for bright summer evening makeup. Brown is universal. All shadows are easy to use as arrows for eyeliner - they give a bright color.
The weight of the shadows is 12 g. (3 gr. for each color) - Enough for a long time! ...
In summary, I will say - excellent quality at a low cost and a wonderful combination of colors in a palette made this purchase "mega" justified for me;)
Price: approx. 300 rub.
Duration of use: 4 days.

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