Repair damaged hair - myth, or reality

Beauticians, good afternoon!
Girls, I really want to restore my hair.
About hair: dyed, but I dye with high-quality Italian Salerm dye (3% oxygen), curly, respectively porous, ends of the hair are bifurcated and brittle. Now the hair is below the shoulder blades, I am growing. Oh yes ... even gray hair (hereditary, I’m 25 years old), so I can’t dye it. A month later, we are waiting for the birth of a baby, I would very much like to be a young mother with gorgeous hair. Please help restore my hair.
Out of care: Salerm Biokera moisturizing shampoo (but I bought it 2 days ago), Herbal hair balm, Estel's Curex thermal shine fluid protection mask, Bonacure Moisture Kick moisturizing hair conditioner spray.
I do not straighten my hair, I do not twist

Watch the video: HOW TO REPAIR DAMAGED HAIR. OLAPLEX? PRO TIPS! Brittney Gray (March 2020).