Bright summer with NYX Trio Eyeshadow in shade No. 44 of Serengeti + evening makeup option

Girls, hello everyone!
The hero of my post today is the NYX shadow triplets in a canary range. A little over a year ago, I terribly wanted to become the owner of bright yellow-green shadows and went in search of (more precisely, Internet searches). I won’t conceal, I really wanted the five from Make-up Atelier, but the price really hurt. After wandering around the Internet, I stumbled upon NYX cosmetics and did not lose the choice!

When closed, the box usually looks, packaging is presentable enough
I took a photo even at an angle to most reliably convey shades
Well, now swatch (to get such a result, I layered shades 3 times). Shadows applied without base

Here is such a bright evening make-up I got with this palette. Here, the base is the famous NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in shade No. 604 Milk + black pencil as a substrate

NYX Eyeshadow - # 44 Serengeti
Detailed opinion: I heard a lot and read reviews about this NYX series of shadows. What is surprising to me is the fact that most of the girls were unhappy with the quality of the triple shadows. My opinion is completely different! I am diiiiiiko happy with this product
The finish at the shadows is matte, but ... When I hold these shadows in my hands and admire the juicy shades in the daylight, I clearly see a very light, subtle golden flicker. But on the century, the finish is completely matte.
Shadows are perfectly typed on the brush, while not dusting and crumbling. They have a very pleasant texture: not dry, not mousse, but something average. It feels very silky. Color rendition for a century - with a bang! True, in order to achieve such brightness as in a box, they will have to be layered several times + use a white substrate. But it seems to me that this is nonsense, because at such a minimal price I got an excellent product.
During the day, the shadows do not roll and do not crumble, however, they fade a little in the evening, but to correct them is not a problem. They have no smell. By the way, there is a sponge in the box - very successful (the photo shows that I actively used it). Summarizing, I can say that for myself I did not see a single minus in this product.
P.S. After I “tried” these shadows, I ordered 2 more palettes of shadow-triples. The quality also pleased me
Term of use: more than 1 year.
Price: about $ 5, including delivery to Ukraine.
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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