VOV Shadows and Galaxy Visage Brush

In this post I’ll talk about three products of two South Korean cosmetic brands: two shades of VOV eyeshadow and Galaxy Visage eye shadow brush.
And I'll show you two makeup options.

1.VOV: eyeshadow, small - # 0304, # 0718.
Shadows in small round jars with screw caps. Transparent covers are very convenient, you can immediately see what shade is inside (those who have a lot of shadows always appreciate transparent covers). The weight of the shadows is standard - 2 grams. The VOV palette, as I understand it, is huge, and the shadows are presented in different textures. Both of my shades are matte. The texture is very good: finely ground, not chalky. The light green hue is a little more silky, the purple - drier. By the way, surprisingly, usually dark shadows are more pigmented than light ones. This pair of shadows has the opposite situation. In the lime shade, not only the texture is more convenient to apply, it evenly lays down, but the pigmentation is stronger as well - you can easily achieve a shade that exactly matches the saturation of the shadows in a compressed form. Violet on the eyelids turns out a little lighter than in the case. Shadows are well shaded. In terms of durability, too, there are no complaints (although I still always use the base).
And separately about the shades:
No. 0304 - matte bright purple, with a fraction of fuchsian, with a cold shade.
No. 0718 - matte light green, bright, almost acidic, very rich and juicy.

These two shades of shadows - the first thing I generally tried from the assortment of the VOV brand. Do you have your favorites in this brand?
Made in Korea.
Weight: 2 grams.
Price: 130 rub
Rating: 5+ a light green shade and 4 purple.
2. Galaxy Visage: eyeshadow brush # 014. Brush for blending eyeshadow double-sided No. 014.
The brush with a silver handle is made of synthetics, the pile is very soft, but at the same time resilient - optimal for applying shadows and blending borders. Of course, the pile is not perfectly evenly dialed (or cut - it is difficult to determine with synthetics), some hairs puff, but both sides of the brush are absolutely not scratchy.
On one side, the brush is flat in the form of a rounded spatula. Universal flat brush with a comfortable small size. Ideal for drawing the contour of the eye, highlighting the folds of the eyelid, and generally for the dense application of shadows on the surface of the eyelid. Looks like that:

On the other hand - a brush with a round base, shaped like a barrel, tapering to the end. It’s also a universal form - you can also apply shadows for a soft effect without clear boundaries of application, and blend shades among themselves. Looks like that:

In principle, with this brush alone you can make up your eyes, I will show it: both makeup options with VOV shadows are made using only this one brush.
Thus, for its versatility and generally very good quality, this brush gets a very high rating. I think it would be wrong to compare it with brushes of well-known professional cosmetic brands, because there is a completely different order of prices for brushes. But in my price category I consider this brush quite worthy!
By the way, the Galaxy Visage brand has a shadow - has anyone tried it?
Made in Korea.
Price: about 100 rub.
Rating: 5-.
And now swatch in front of your eyes. Since the shades are far from everyday, the make-ups turned out experimental.
Both make-ups are done with the Galaxy Visage # 014 brush.
Makeup with eye shadow VOV # 0304:

Makeup with eye shadow VOV # 0718: