Christina Comodex Grape & Lemon Cleanser pH 2.2-2.9 - Reviews

I always have several types of washbasins, creams, masks for different skin conditions, seasons and just for a change in the bathroom.
I'll start with my washbasins: Rival de Loop Clean & Care Seifenfreies Waschgel Limette & Grapefruit, Innisfree Jeju bija anti-trouble facial foam Facial wash cleanser, Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam Green Tea, CHRISTINA COMODEX Grape & Lemon Cleanser.
I always remove makeup myself with a special tool and only then wash my face.

1. Rival de Loop Clean & Care Seifenfreies Waschgel Limette & Grapefruit - Wash gel for mixed and normal skin with lime and grapefruit

I have this gel for permanent use when the skin is in order. Therefore, not so much is required of him: conscientiously cleanse, do not overdry, maintain the skin in good condition and smell delicious. He copes with all these functions perfectly. The smell is simply lovely, fresh, grapefruit, the consistency is liquid, it foams medium. It cleans all residual make-up and oil perfectly, acne due to under-cleaning does not appear, pores do not clog. In general, for every day what you need. This version from the summer collection, usual with cucumber and gingo in composition, is not different from these two ingredients. For such a ridiculous price, he is lovely.
I use it for about three weeks.
Rating: 5
Price: 0.80 Euro

2. Innisfree Jeju bija anti-trouble facial foam Facial wash cleanser - Facial Cleanser for problem skin

I use it, thank God, rarely when acne attacks. You just need a pea to wash yourself. If something comes out of me, then after 2-3 days of washing you can go back to the first option. When he first came to me, the skin condition after a long illness was terrible, but after a couple of weeks it became much better. Now I use it from time to time and really love it. Inflammation literally deflates and disappears, the pores also remain clean. It contains a lot of different acids, and the foam itself smells like camphor. I recommend this magic wand to all lovers of Asian cosmetics with problem skin. I have been using it since April, but not regularly.
Rating: 5
Price: 15 euros

3. Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam Green Tea - Cleansing Foam with Green Tea

But I was not satisfied with this purchase. Since the manufacturer does not promise anything special, I was only waiting for a good cleansing and used it when there were no catastrophes on my face. But even in the “calm time” I categorically did not like her, although for a long time I did not want to admit to myself this and used it for about two months in a row. BUT! Cleans to creak, not pleasantly straight and dries noticeably, which is logical. The pores continue to clog, as if I wash off hydrophilic oil only with water and leave all the "charms" in the pores. Accordingly, pimples appear, the complexion becomes dull. I noticed this result after about a month, but continued to use it for a long time. When I finally changed it, things went better. Now I use foam for the back and, oddly enough, it helps. In general, I didn’t like it, but I didn’t particularly harm it directly.
Used for about 2.5 months
Rating: 3
Price: 7 Euro

4. CHRISTINA COMODEX Grape & Lemon Cleanser - Cleansing Gel for problematic skin Komodex

300 ml gel for problematic skin with acids. By consistency, like jelly, it foams poorly. In principle, I like him. With a direct task - acne - it copes well, dries them, warns them, dissolves the dirt in the pores and keeps them clean, refreshes the complexion, BUT ... One huge BUT. Oh, it shamelessly dries, so to me no remedy has ever dried or thinned the skin. After a week of use, my skin just hung down with scabs, NOTHING helped, and even inflammation began to appear, but from dehydration. Horror in general. Now I use it in a "quiet time" once a week for prevention. Given the volume, enough for a very long time. I have been using it since February.
Rating: 4-
Price: 2o Euro

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