Nelsons Pure & Clear, Acne Treatment Gel - My Essential Sos Remedy

Alas, I am one of those girls who are very fond of revealing their faces from time to time, and then are forced to hide the consequences (then somehow it is necessary to get out into people). My first-aid kit to combat rashes and consequences has recently been enriched with a new and very effective tool, about which I want to share information with you.

The tool is a light transparent gel, which includes tea tree oil, known for its healing and antiseptic properties. However, despite all the caution in using the oil, sometimes it happens that I overdo it and put more oil on the face than necessary, and this causes me irritation (once I even managed to get a small burn). In this product, the oil does not injure, no matter how much you apply the gel on the face, while the gel on the face is invisible, and you can apply powder and tonal on top, since the gel forms a light protective film (during the day you do not see and hear it, only in the evening, when washing under your hands, some oiliness is felt - the gel is washed off). The main thing in the product is its effect: if you apply it to a pimple starting to mature (you know, there are such painful nasty ones), then it either dries the next morning, or ripens completely. If you apply the gel to the affected area, to which your playful hands reached, the gel simply dries and heals the wound, preventing it from becoming inflamed.
Gel differs from tea tree oil in that it does not give shine and does not drip anywhere, but remains where you applied it. Well, about the fact that you can apply cosmetics on top, I already wrote.
The gel smells like tea tree oil; when applied to the skin, freshness is felt. If applied under the nose, it is possible to pinch the skin, which soon passes. Maybe someone will not like the tube - it is metal, soft, but I relate to such packaging exactly. Initially, the tube was sealed, it opens, like domestic means in such tubes, with a special protrusion on the lid. The tool is very economical, these 30 ml will be enough for me for a long time. It is worth considering that since tea tree oil is included in the composition, it should be used with caution in pregnant women and those with allergies.
Summary: a great tool, I will take constantly.
Price: $ 5.58 per 30 ml
Duration of use: 3 weeks
Texture: 5 (light transparent gel)
Smell: 5 (tea tree)
Packing: 5 (small compact tube)
Influence on inflammation: 10 out of 5

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