I don’t have a man-made monument, but a manicure

Good day to all the beauties.

I suggest to publicly gut my manicure cosmetic bag and get acquainted with its contents.

My mom prompted me to write this post without knowing it. We have been living in different cities for a long time, and we rarely see each other. In one of our meetings, when we had already talked about everything, my mother drew attention to my nails and was surprised: it’s necessary! My daughter doesn't have my nails at all! Indeed, upon closer inspection, it turned out that we had the same shape of the palms and fingers, but my mother’s nail bed was short, small, trapezoidal, my nails were square. I noticed out loud that I had exactly the same nails, but my mother did not believe it, which is not surprising: I have been doing manicure for almost twenty years, from early school age, and no one remembers how my “real” nails look like. I had to comprehend all the wisdom of the cut manicure on my own, through trial and error, from my own experience.
Now I can say for sure:
• Edged manicure changes the shape of the nail bed;
• Cut manicure changes (increases) the size of the nail plate;
• Only after a trimmed manicure can I feel confident that my nails are in order;
In order not to be unsubstantiated, I will give a comparison of two fingers as an example, the picture was taken during the cut manicure procedure. That is, let's say yesterday was made unedged manicure (removed with a remover, as far as possible, cuticle, pushed back with an orange stick, moistened), and today I’m doing trim manicure (on the index finger we see the still uncut cuticle). You can immediately see how much longer the nail bed looks, there is an additional space, a millimeter and a half or two, for applying varnish, and the fingers look generally neater.

Now I will describe my cuticle nails, and since I do not like the word "problem", my description is as detailed as possible. The nails were once originally trapezoidal, with a short and thin plate; always soft, so I never managed to grow the free edge, my nails do not even break - they break, and the varnish on the soft plate does not last sooooo long. Plus, the surface of the nail is uneven, has longitudinal and transverse grooves. The cuticle is a very strong thin dry skin that grows in length along the nail to half its length. At the same time, it grows tightly to the nail plate, if you do not touch it. Or it turns into a lush fringed frame, if it is actively moved aside, “remoot”, moisturize.
There were times (not entirely encouraging for my hands) when I honestly tried to stop circumcising (gyyy) my cuticle, I pushed, filed, steamed, moisturized, nourished ... (coded, consulted with a therapist, drank vitamins and dietary supplements) ... This went on up to six months, but it was at this time that my fingers looked worse nowhere, uncared for nowhere. Yes, much less time would be enough for me to understand: my hands are not enough solutions, liquid products, creams and sticks to look good. Although the techniques of unedged manicure, I still took it into service, and I actively use them as an aid between sessions of edged manicure.
So, it has been experimentally found out that I am a supporter of edged manicure. I have nothing against a cutless manicure personally, and I know that there are people who can afford the luxury of not cutting the cuticle, but there are people like me who can do nothing more with cutting the cuticle.
So, for a fairly long period of one and a half to two decades, through trial and error, I finally developed a technique for keeping my nails and hands in good condition: this is a combination of classic cut and unedged manicure, which includes exfoliating, moisturizing and nutrition of the skin, nails and cuticles.
In order:
- about once every 7 to 10 days, I do a full-cut manicure with baths, steaming and removing the cuticle, preparing and coating the nails with varnish;
- starting from the second or third day after the previous point and then daily, I do unedged manicures of varying degrees of intensity and invasiveness: softening and moving the gradually growing cuticle, removing pterygium, nourishing the skin, changing the varnish;
- hand creams and nail waxes surround me everywhere: at home in the bathroom and in the kitchen, as well as on the bedside table, at work, in the bag;
- I do any gloves, even the most insignificant, housework. To do this, I use non-talcated medical gloves, they are much thinner than household gloves (those sold in hardware stores) and are more convenient for work.
- repainting of nails happens in a day or two. At the same time, I would calmly contemplate the same nail polish on my nails for a long time, but my nail plate, I repeat, is very soft, the varnish (any, even self-superior and self-resistant) begins to crack off after a day, and I endure chips I won’t. If there is absolutely no time, I wash the varnish and cover the nails with a quick-drying base (about it later), so that the nails seem unpainted, but not “bare”;
If you already thought that I was a manicure lacomaniac, you didn’t guess. Unfortunately I have to admit even to myself that in order to maintain my hands in a more or less decent condition, I, unlike the lucky ones who are content with unedged manicure every 10 days, require a constant daily investment of time and energy.All of these items have a fairly standard execution algorithm, so I will not spend my time on photographing, and your time on viewing the stages of manicure.
It was an introduction))) And now I propose to go directly to the promised inspection of the contents of the cosmetic bag. I will present the products in sequence in relation to the sequence of procedures listed above.
So, for my manicure I need:

Liquid for softening the skin of hands and strengthening nails "Affectionate hands" of the Belarusian manufacturer "Viteks"

I add it to the hand bath; for one manicure about one or two teaspoons is enough. It is pale lilac, lathers a little and bubbles in the water, and has a very pleasant smell (smells like lavender)! Its main function is to soften the cuticle for manicure. I have almost finished it, and so far I can’t find the same in stores. Sadness. Have to go back to bath salt. Price 67 rubles in a supermarket. The term of use is 7 months. Product Evaluation 5. Solid.

2. Tools:
a. Pushers. The first one, produced by Metzger, was purchased earlier, it is not very convenient and I could not get used to it. Its scapular part has a too concave profile and does not press against the nail with the necessary degree of intimacy, while the edge of the scapula is sharp enough, which threatens a nail injury; its second side, in general, is a complete misunderstanding, except perhaps for those rare cases when it is necessary to dig out something between the side of the nail and the skin roller ... But even for this you can find a more convenient tool. The second pusher I bought already taking into account all my wishes. This is a tool of the Staleks company, with one side, a spatula, very tightly rests on the nail, lifts, but does not injure the cuticle, the second sharp side actively but delicately helps to reach the most inaccessible places and pick out a lot of interesting things from them)). I have been using the first pusher for about five years, I don’t remember how much it costs, but for inconvenience and nonphysiologicality I will put him two with a plus (plus for being a veteran!). The second pusher does not live with me for long, a couple of months, but for that period I have already earned five, I was bought for 130 rubles.

b. Tweezers. ABOUT! This is my favorite part in the manicure, could write a lot, but you have to be brief. The last few acquisitions are tweezers of the same Staleks. Made of stainless medical (as the manufacturer writes) steel. The tweezers are of very decent quality, their jaws are ideally correlated with each other, the cutting surfaces are closed without gaps, they "keep" sharpness for a very long time, I only need sharpened tweezers for about three years of intensive use. I don’t sharpen my tweezers, I just buy new ones. And this is not a majority, I just know where good tweezers are sold at a reasonable price (500 - 800 rubles), but I don’t know where they will be adequately sipped for a lower price and how they will behave after that. The tweezers are almost identical, bought a long time ago, but at different times with a run of several years, I won’t say the exact price, 400-800 rubles apiece in the shop of professional equipment for salons. For me, these are excellent students with pluses.

c. Scissors. The first scissors from the Avon prehistoric manicure set have been faithfully telling me for ten years now, I have been using them for rough, rough work, for example, for cutting the corners of my fingernail, I haven't practically used them lately. The second scissors were bought recently under the influence of the post of one famous blogger. They are also made by Staleks. These are ideal scissors, sharp, tight, tightly closing and opening at the right angle. Designed for cutting cuticles. I still hope that someday I will reach that height of professionalism in manicure when I can cut the cuticle with scissors. But the habit is stronger, the hand is full of work with tweezers, and with scissors I can only cut the bloody pretzels on my cuticle. And for now ... alas! scissors lively reproach lie almost inactive among other tools. The cost of 260 rubles, bought two months ago, along with a second pusher. Evaluation (in a whisper of respect) five. Very high quality thing.

d. Wooden orange sticks. I actively used them both for unedged and for edged manicure, until I acquired my convenient pusher. Now I use it only for the unedged part of my manicure: with the beveled side I will move the cuticle, lift it, remove the softened dead particles and pterygium; and also with a sharp point I will correct defects of coloring. When cutting manicure, I still tend to use a pusher. Sticks are sold for a penny, fifty rubles for a knit everywhere, I have been using it for many years, I appreciate it as a good product, almost always necessary.

e. Glass nail file. Unknown artist. Standard glass nail file. Used for its intended purpose. Etching of the glass gives its surface such a rough structure that allows delicately but efficiently sawing off the nail, and at the same time makes the nail file indelible, that is, eternal. If lost or broken, buy the same. I have not yet found the best sawing tool for myself. A bargain price, about a hundred rubles, I have been using it for a very long time (from birth?), A rating of five. I will not exchange for any other. Only glass.
f. Buffick and polisher. My nails, as I already wrote, among other advantages, also have an uneven surface. But I fight for beauty, so polishing is a necessity for me. Both sides of this device are designed to smooth the surface of the nail by sawing off its upper layer with surfaces that are different in abrasiveness, they fulfill their function, periodically erase themselves from work, the device is replaced. And it continues to exist in my manicure cosmetic bag. I would gladly refuse this gadget, but since he is doing the work that is obligatory for me, his assessment is satisfactory. Satisfying. I don’t remember the price, it’s definitely not expensive, I’ve been using it for several years.
g. Europemza. It was bought on the advice of a friend of a manicurist at the very beginning of the general craze for unedged manicure. After several (very unsuccessful) attempts to use it, I gave up hope of making friends with her. I did not like the process of manicure with her, nor the result. Lies-takes-place-gathering dust-sorry-throw out. A deuce to her from me.

h. Nail tweezers. Chinese-made, bought on the ruins of small things in a souvenir trading tent. On the occasion: during the tour, the nail broke, and I could no longer listen to the guide, nor enjoy the surrounding beauties, nor inhale the surrounding healthy air. I thought about a broken all-in-one nail and looked at the ruins with souvenirs at least something like a nail file or scissors. Tweezers are caught. Since then they have been living with me. Like their wide cutting surface, their predecessor was already narrower. A little blunt, sometimes they “tear” the edge of the nail, but the arm does not rise. But the memory! I’ve been using it for six months, they’re rated three (for dullness).

i. Thin column brush ordinary thin for drawing. Appeared to me after the post memento. Thanks to the author.


Cuticle Removal Fluid from Sally Hansen.

She is known at the Beautician, I’m unlikely to say anything new about her. It works well, softens the cuticle, which is then easily pushed back (although not completely removed). Economical, pleasant to use: does not flow, does not smell. A manicure made using this product lasts for two days, then a cuticle fringe appears and the aesthetics begin to limp. The price is 350 rubles in IDB. The term of use is about six months. Product Evaluation 4. For a good, but short-lived effect.


Orly Cuticle Care Oil

. I generally love Orly, and I give preference to this brand among other mid-priced products. Intense yellow liquid oil, has a pleasant citrus smell, squeezed in the right amount from a bottle with a nose, moisturizes well (the effect lasts for several hours, usually until the next hand wash), economical. My bottle is already several months old with almost daily use. The price is about 400 rubles in IDB. The term of use is about six months. Product Rating 5.


Nail polish remover from Severina.

I bought it because of the bottle, which is marked by its fanfare. It is very convenient to use the IDL from such a bottle. Although the contents themselves disappointed: a clean solvent, removes varnish with a bang, but it dries the nail and skin very much, leaving behind a whitish coating. It costs 150 rubles. Three to her, and then only for the bottle. By the way, Severin has already ended, and another IDL is poured there. Cheap, low-quality and not deserving of writing about it here.
Separately, I will say that such a pump is very convenient for using tool 2.i. - brushes for correction. We click on the pump, it turns out a puddle of iron. We carry out the correction of painting by wetting the brush in this puddle; at the end of the work, we dab the puddle with a cotton pad.


Bases and top coatings.

Nail armor by Orly. Base coat, nail reinforcing fluid. Contains polymers and silk threads designed to act as firming agents. In fact, this is a whitish translucent varnish that lays on the nail very evenly, creates a very pleasant slightly matte natural coating. On closer inspection, under the magnifying glass (or does it seem to me?), Villi are visible, I suspect silk. They do not spoil the general appearance in any way, and under a layer of colored varnish they do not indicate themselves in any way. The manufacturer recommends applying two layers, across and along the nail plate. I’m so hard not to get drunk, I paint in one layer as a base. Or two, for the nude effect. I can’t say that the nails have become stronger, or that the base allowed me to grow them, since I basically only wear sooo short nails, no longer than 1 mm, but it also works like a ridgefiller, and this is important for my nails.The cost of the base is 460 rubles in IDB, I use it for four months, every time I paint my nails.
Is there some more base and top "Double duty" from CX, the most common, as the base works mediocre, quickly thickened, due to which it forms a thick layer cake on the nail with varnishes, thereby shortening the life of the manicure. I practically do not use it anymore, I'm sorry to throw it away. I don’t remember the price, but in any case, do not deserve a higher deuce.
Top drying "Out the door" too well-known to the beautician, there is nothing to add (aha-aha, dries quickly, does not tighten the varnish, adds excellent gloss, extends the wear period of the varnish - what else is needed for drying?). This is my must-have, deserves an excellent assessment, despite the cost of 420 rubles.
There is still worth mentioning such a tool as "Post trauma nail treatment" by Revlon. Although the product is declared as a care product, it actually is simply pinkish varnish with a matte finish. And no matter what his care properties or their absence, for me it is an ideal nude, and for that he is five with a plus, the cost is about 250 rubles in Letual.
On the photo on the nails are applied: index and middle - Revlon, nameless and little finger - base from Orly. It is seen that the revlon is more dull and better hides the irregularities of the nail plate. (And on the little finger, Orly's silk threads are visible))
Tough cookie by Orly. Basic coverage with Okumi tree extract (does this also grow under the window?). The manufacturer promises a slow accumulation of keratin in the nails under the influence of this magical extract, and therefore strengthening, and rapid growth, and the hardness of your nails. It is recommended to be applied as a base, as well as daily on top of varnish. What can I say, the only product from Orly about which I can say: the disgusting base significantly reduces the resistance of the varnish, a couple of hours after drying the varnish begins to come off the nails with whole plates along with the base. A small plus, I still believe that my nails they accumulate keratin, and soon, soon it will affect their condition, and sometimes I remember to apply on top of the varnish ... Score zero with a plus. The price of 650 rubles in IDB, I use about six months.

Nail waxes and cuticles.

I have three of them, I bought everything I found. Biowax and nail wax (both from DNC) in tiny jars are somewhat similar, almost identical in composition. True, the bioswax has a more liquid consistency, and they are absorbed for a long time both. Moisturize decently. But the wax from the "Belvedere" - a definite hit. It really has a wax consistency, covers the nail with a semi-matte nourishing film, which nourishes the nail for a long time, cares for it and the cuticle. It is absorbed for a long time, but does not stain environmental objects, unlike the first two. It smells of lavender quite intensively, the first two waxes smell of "bee products", I smell them more pleasant. Price: biowax - 42 rubles, wax for nails - 24 rubles, Belvedere wax - 141 rubles. All bought in pharmacies. Ratings: “Belvedere” has an undoubted five, the other two are solid good guys.

8. Creams. Love protective hand cream from Bielita! Light creamy texture, quickly absorbed, perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the hands, cost five rubles per kilometer! (120 Russian for 300 ml). But concentrated hand cream from "Newrogin" - This is already heavy artillery. In addition to excellent nutrition, it has healing properties and is good for winter. A separate bonus is the lack of smell. Price - 240 rubles in a pharmacy. Both creams deserve the top five. Shea Butter 100% by Yves Rocher. This is when a disaster and an urgent need to be saved. In winter and at night. The oil is solid, melts on the hands, absorbed for a very long time. I use it on my hands less often than on my feet. I estimate the four, the cost is about 300 - 400 rubles.

9. Gloves bought in a pharmacy, used for all (!) homework. Thin, with the right choice of size, are practically not felt on the hand. Wonderful thing!

So you met a small part of my manicure cosmetic bag. Of course, it does not make sense to write about nail polishes here, but it is still worth mentioning them. Most of my varnishes are from Orly, almost 90% of them are creams. Shimmer, mother-of-pearl too emphasize the roughness of the nail, and I can not afford it. It is creams and glitter varnishes that ideally hide such a drawback; I almost always buy them.
I will also say that the tools are folded into a pink gift bag from the Clinics. Also for a manicure I need: water, a cotton towel that absorbs moisture well, cotton pads, a hand wash brush, a bottle of disinfectant for tools and hands, hydrogen peroxide in case I still decide to work with scissors)).

A very long post turned out. To everyone who mastered - a medal! Special thanks to the moderators for not cutting my sculpture)))
On this, let me bow, All youth and beauty. I am Natasha.

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