Dior Diorshow Iconic High Definition Lash Curler Mascara Reviews

Hello girls! Finally, I got around to writing a review from my long-awaited Diorshow Iconic carcass that I donated to myself on DR.
To whom it is interesting - I invite under cat.

I will be brief
The mascara is liquid, when applied it is difficult to stain the tips, the first two or three times it was naughty, then it stopped. She began to give the best results for the third use and for ten times, and then again began to stubborn. Silicone brush, with lots of villi, is designed to separate and tighten. He’s not doing very well with the first, I can’t say about the second, because any mascara curls my eyelashes. The brush is large, with a thick tip, it is inconvenient to completely paint over the corners and lower eyelashes, blemishes happen. The mascara holds well, does not print, does not crumble, and is also washed off without problems. And of course the photo. Immediately make a reservation that Swatch did after the best period of the carcass, because the best one coincided with a vacation, and on vacation there was no time to bother with swatch.
Naked eyelashes:
Single layer
Two layers
It can be seen that the eyelashes began to stick together a little, the inner eyelid was a little dirty, the cilia at the base are already tight enough, but at the ends it seems to be missing.
I also note that I prefer to wear mascara in three layers, so the third layer

Vidon is certainly not very, but in life everything is not so sad as on the macro:
Mascara is pretty hard to evaluate. It seems to be not bad, if you do not know its prices and what is Dior. I think that mascara of this class should be an order of magnitude higher. I tried the carcasses much cheaper, with a much better result. And again I can not resist - I will give my favorite Viviene Sabo "Femme Fatal" as an example. Therefore, I’ll put Dioru probably in the middle.
Price: around 1000 rubles.
Duration of use: 1 month.

Watch the video: Mascara Monday Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara Review & Demonstration (March 2020).