Guinot Creme Red Logic Face Cream Reviews

Guinot Creme Red Logic - Redness Cream

A worthy anti-redness remedy ...

From the manufacturer:

Instantly reduces redness and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Soothes the skin and relieves discomfort. Protects the skin from a reaction to temperature changes. Evens complexion and gives the skin a healthy glow.
Active component:
The Venoderm complex is an active vasoconstrictor component with a calming effect. Venoderm effectively eliminates the visible manifestations of redness of the skin.
Apply to sensitive areas of the face with your fingertips and distribute. Then apply your main skin care cream to the entire face and neck.
30 ml

From me:

Currently, my skin is a combi-skin prone to dryness, and before (before pregnancy) there was a combi-skin prone to oily. With any of these types, I have always had reddening of my skin from water, as a result of which I left the water many years ago and am still on a waterless wash (contacts with water are minimized). To try to eliminate redness or at least reduce them, by the age of 33 I matured to the Guinot professional brand respected by many cosmetologists. In addition, after sudden changes in temperature this summer (heat-cold), I noticed a couple of suspicious vessels in the nose, which was decided to give an active fight in the form of a means of prevention of rosacea. It was a lyrical introduction about my skin and expectations of the effect of the product. Now directly information about the cream and its action.
The texture of the cream is quite thick, but it is easily distributed on the skin. It has a very, very light greenish tint and a specific smell of medical correctors. It is because of the light greenish tint that the cream has a masking effect, due to which the complexion is leveled and redness becomes less visible. After applying the cream, the skin shines a little at first, but later on the cream shrinks and there is no oily pancake effect. Cream absolutely does not conflict with leaving and decorative products - it behaves well with different powders, and with leaving creams and serums, and with Sisley foundation (I specially tried to immediately apply Guinot cream on top of it).

The cream really really calms the skin and relieves discomfort after a morning shower. I note right away that the cream can be applied both in the morning and in the evening for basic care. I use the cream only in the morning after a shower, then I apply my usual care. I mainly apply cream on the T-zone and on the cheeks. On the cheeks, the cream really soothes and brightens redness, they practically pass from this cream. I think that to soften rosacea (to soften, not relieve forever) will be on the shoulder of this cream, because as a part of active vasoconstrictor components (p.s. no need to wait for a miracle from the cream in the form of a complete disposal of rosacea, only a laser helps from rosacea!). My pair of fresh vessels (emphasis on the word - fresh!) Still disappeared after 15 days of use, I already felt the full effect of the cream in the fight against redness after 3 days of use, but the masking and calming effect on my skin was clearly noticeable even after the first application. Based on the volume, I can assume that 30 ml for me personally is enough for 2-2.5 months of use on the T-zone and cheeks (cream on the whole face in a volume of 30 ml takes me 1.5 months). If you use the cream in smaller areas (pointwise), it may well be enough for 3-4 months. The consumption of the cream as a whole with such a volume is standard, but the price is quite high if you buy in stores. On average, they sell 2400-2900 rubles through salons; on strawberries, the price is 2 times less - 1300-1400 rubles.
My rating: 5 + (a good cream that strengthens the walls of blood vessels and reduces redness of the skin).
Price: I bought at a discount for 2100 rubles in the professional store.
Period of use: from July 25, 2012, i.e. almost 4 weeks.

My recommendations:

I recommend this cream to all those who have couperosis, while the type of skin does not play a major role in the selection of this product. As well as those (regardless of skin type) who have skin prone to redness and irritation due to various reasons.

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