Lancome Artliner Precision Point EyeLiner Reviews

Lancome ARTLINER eyeliner pinceau- mousse
Recently bought eyeliner, which I am very pleased. I used to use eyeliner-felt-tip pens, but this time I decided to try an eyeliner with a felt tip.

It is very soft, easy to apply, instantly dries on the eyelid, and therefore leaves no prints even on the "bare" century. I usually put eyeliner on the shadows, but on the first day of my acquaintance with her, I applied her eyelid without a base, shadows, etc., and all evening (5-6 hours) she kept nailed, despite the fact that my eyelid skin is oily. So I recommend this eyeliner to those who have the same problem with fat eyelids. To draw arrows with it is quite unusual after a felt-tip pen, but much easier than with a brush. To draw a thin arrow, the tip of the eyeliner does not need to be dipped in a tube. Well, if you want to draw thick arrows, on which you also need to “conjure”, you will have to dip 1-2 times into the tip of the brush. The eyeliner dries very quickly on the eyelid and quickly transfers from the felt tip to the eyelid, and it remains "empty". The smell of the eyeliner is normal, it suits me. The color is black, matte, very bright, no need to layering. The eyeliner has a long brush and a small tube, it is very convenient to draw arrows with it.
Well, before our eyes:

To summarize: the eyeliner is good, I will definitely buy it again, I am completely satisfied with the quality.
Duration of use: 3 days
Rating: 5
Price: $ 30, excluding shipping.

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