Tiffany color: Itstyle No. 70 varnish

I discovered a new cosmetics store where I especially liked the nail polishes. I want to bring to your attention the first copy :)
Full name of varnish: Nail Lacquer itStyle is all that is written on the label of this pretty varnish, so I had to name the color myself. I immediately got the idea of ​​the recently popular Tiffany color.

Detailed opinion: The first time I bought a varnish of this brand, as well as their first product in general. A pretty bottle, the only thing that upset me was that there was no color name. On the counter, the varnishes were laid out very nicely and conveniently: each color scheme has its own shelf, they are arranged in order from the darkest to the lightest, which is especially good for choosing colors for a non-standard manicure (gradient, for example).
I really like the color! This is not mint, and not quite blue, it’s something average, a very delicate color with tiny spangles that flicker and shimmer beautifully.
As for the quality, it’s not bad, although the varnish is a little liquidy, to achieve a dense coating you need 3 layers. I applied 2, as usual, let's see what came of it.
Next to the box, it takes the same color as hers;)
And with a bottle leaves in blue. With flash
And in daylight this is especially noticeable
I also add a photo with a coating in 3 layers, it looks much better :)

Price: 3,50 euro
Rating: for the color I want to put 5, but for insufficient density still 4.

Watch the video: HSN. Tiffany Style Lighting - 08 AM (March 2020).