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New portion of wraps: grapes, chocolate, seaweed

Body wraps and masks, part 1
I love dearly wrappings, and I do them not only when I go to the spa, but also at home, because regularity in care is our everything.
Since the process is not easy, I will allow myself a few general recommendations, tips, and then proceed to the description of the products themselves.
So, what will you need except wrapping itself:
1. assistant (it is almost impossible to wrap yourself in the film itself, well, unless, if you wrap it in parts of your arms, legs, stomach, but it’s long and troublesome)
2. a roll of film for wrapping (you can use cling film, in cosmetic stores special cosmetic is sold, I use a roll of film left from under repair, it is similar in quality, it just has a width 2 times larger than that of cosmetic).
3rd place. I do a body wrap in the bathroom, where the place allows you to turn around, I know that many people also buy special sheets for cosmetic procedures and make the wrap in the room (it’s easier to lie there).
4. body scrub - body wrap works best on scrubbed skin.
The process itself is as follows: I take a shower, scrub and smear it all with this wrap (I’m still standing), then my husband comes with cling film and I wrap myself around it (spin around myself, my husband holds the film), then like a cocoon I flop into an empty bathtub and there I’m reclining for half an hour (my hands are wrapped up, I can’t read, so my husband brings me a laptop and puts some series). After half an hour, my husband’s alarm goes off in his office and he comes and cuts everything, after which I take a shower. Troublesome, but worth it, believe me.

UnaEva Wine Body Cream Mask

Ingredients: wine extract, grape seed oil, white clay, pink clay, olive oil, chitosan, allantoin, purified water, cearyl alcohol, ceteareth-20, lanolin, glycerin, diethylene glycol stearate, glyceryl monostearate, grape juice, dimethicaparaben, odorant , propyl paraben, imidofopidinyl, urea, phenoxyethanol.
For a long time I doubted about wine wrapping, almost a year. The thing was that somehow my skin gave a reaction to one of Kodali’s remedies, then after a wine wrap during the spa week peeling of the skin and irritation started, and since then I have bypassed the remedies with the wine side. But here the curiosity overpowered, I ordered a liter bucket for testing (I usually order 2-3-liter ones). The mask has a texture of well-mixed cosmetic clay, so soft, moderately thick, without lumps, which is not surprising if you look at the composition - there is white and pink clay. The smell is intensely grape, but non-irritating, pleasant and relaxing. It is not very economically consumed: I remember that at one time I specifically considered how long such a bucket would last for me, so the chocolate mask went for 9 uses, and then I did it 3 times and didn’t have half a bucket. But the chocolate mask is much thicker, probably the reason. The grape wrap is spread on the body easily, evenly, in the end I get like a pink pig, which invariably amuses her husband. While in the film, there are no unpleasant sensations, after washing off too. If you don’t wrap it with a film (sometimes I only make a mask around my neck and don’t wrap it with a film), then the mask does not dry out like ordinary clay masks. It is washed off easily. After the procedure, the skin for some time stores a delicious grape smell, it is well moisturized. I don’t know how my mitochondria are, but I am satisfied. Nice mask! But my favorite is chocolate anyway)
Price: 920 rub. per 1000 ml in the online store
Duration of use: 1 month
Texture: 5
Smell: 5
Moisturize the skin: 5
Skin Toning: 5

UnaEva Cream-mask for face and body lifting

This mask attracted by the fact that it could be used both for the face and body, and I really like green clay and don’t understand why it disappeared from store shelves and drugstores, it used to be sold everywhere. The first thing that attracts attention in the mask is the smell. For me it is the smell of freshly cut grass, meadow flowers and something so fresh and pleasant. The husband, however, claims that the smell reminds him of something fruity, so everything is individual here. The texture of the mask is again clay, thick, applied to the face with a dense uniform layer. After 10-15 minutes, the mask begins to dry out and behaves like ordinary clay (see the right photo, you can see how it goes with cracks), so I either wash it off, or spray it with thermal water, or immediately put pieces of plastic film on the mask to the mask has not dried for a long time - it all depends on the time I have and the desire to tinker. I wash off the mask with a sponge, because my hands slip. After washing, the face is tender, cleansed, matte, but at the same time - nourished, it does not even require further hydration, but I still apply the cream, because I’m so accustomed to it. I did not notice the lifting effect, but perhaps there is nothing to pull. I am pleased with the effect. I will take more.
Price: 730 rub. over 750 ml
Duration of use: 1 month
Texture: 5
Smell: 5+
Moisturize the skin: 5+
Skin Toning: 5

UnaEva Hot Chocolate Stimulating Cream Mask

I could not resist - she also grabbed a chocolate mask. I really like the smell of these products, it acts very positively, relaxes, and this is important when conducting spa treatments. Yes, and the usefulness of chocolate products at the level: chocolate speeds up the process of burning fat cells, moisturizes and restores the skin, and still does a lot of useful things. This product, unlike chocolate wrapping in a bucket of the same company, requires preparation - heating to 55-60 degrees (in the bucket, everything is simple - scoop and smear). I pour hot water into a saucepan and throw a can there, after 10 minutes the mask melts and becomes more liquid, it is more easily distributed over the face. I doubt that with this method, the mask heats up directly to 60 degrees, but there is no need to heat the face skin too much. The mask smells awesome - a cake, and nothing more. No unpleasant sensations, a solid buzz from the smell. It is worth considering that the smell is persistent and keeps on the skin until the evening, if you make a mask in the morning. You can hold the mask on your face as much as you like - it does not dry out and does not cause discomfort. If you put a mask on your face a little more than necessary, then over time, it will probably gather in droplets in the chin area and drip, but I follow it and there are no problems with pollution in the house. Rinse off the mask with a sponge, because with your hands it is almost impossible. At the same time, during the washing off of the mask, I also wash the sponge a couple of times with soap, because the oils that make up the mask make it very bad. And after washing, I wash my sink, because there are sticky stains on it. If all washing-up measures are not scared, then the mask is definitely worth ordering - the skin after it not only smells delicious, but also perfectly nourished and soothing. What else do you need on long winter cold evenings?)
Price: 590 rub. for 300 gr
Term of use:
Texture: 5
Smell: 5+
Moisturize the skin: 5 ++
Skin Toning: 5

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