The story of my staining with cream-paint Barex Permesse color assurances 8.31 (light beige blond)

Cream-paint Barex Permesse color assurances with a low ammonia content (from 1 to 1.5%)

I will start with a digression and a little background. The color of my hair is uneven due to the wash that I did in early summer, i.e. if the hair is divided by two horizontal lines, then the middle part is darker and goes into a redhead, plus green ends. In general, a complete classic set for those who once wanted a blacker, and then - more natural. Now I am fighting for a natural light brown shade (light or medium) without a clear redhead and greenery. Last time I painted a month and a half ago with paint Salerm vison by Salerm in shade 7.12 (pearl blond, in my opinion). I can say that I liked the paint and the shade, although of course I had to take it at a level lighter, because I wanted not so deep color. For clarity, I show that it was:
After me there was a vacation and a bright sun (I sin on it). The color shamelessly faded, and again I got a sad picture on my head. So, now let's see what I had before staining:

In a certain light, it is especially sad:
And the ends resemble a broom and a variety of colors is visible:
So, as for the staining itself. The paint looks like this:
From the manufacturer:
Cream paint, does not flow, has a specific smell (it seemed to me that it was algae with a soft note and barely perceptible ammonia), but the smell is not strong. The paint did not give unpleasant reactions (such as itching). What surprised me very much was that during washing off, the hair did not tangled, but even flowed (feeling that you do not paint, but wash off the mask). The hair is not dry, easy to comb. A huge plus is the uniform color, even where the hair was a little darker before dyeing.

Judging the color is very individual, I can say that I am satisfied with the result, the color is close to what I want. No greens, I'm not yellow-red, the color is beige-gray-brown, but the hair has not lost its shine.
Price: 480 rubles per 100 ml tube of paint
Testing period - 1 stain 1.5 weeks ago
Rating: Color - 5; Hair condition - 5 ++, Sensations during dyeing - 5, Hair condition today - 5 ++ (subjective, because my hair is always very stiff, now I'm happy with it)

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