Black & red french

I love black. I love red.
So I decided to combine them in a simple, but quite effective manicure  

For him, I needed Orly Liquid Vinyl, Orly Star Spangled and adhesive strips for French manicure.
A few words about varnishes:
Orly Liquid Vinyl - This is a classic black cream with a stunningly glossy finish. The consistency is quite liquid. In one layer it is applied with bald spots, in two - perfectly. It holds pretty well - with the base and drying for about a week, even though the tips of the nails begin to rub. I love this varnish.
Orly star spangled - also one of my favorites. In red jelly, many small red sparkles float, which sparkle and shimmer in the light. It does not look like glitter, a shimmer gives it inner radiance and volume. In 1 layer it is applied perfectly. If you want a more saturated color - two layers. The consistency is liquid, durability is also not bad.
Such a black-and-red jacket looks beautiful and spectacular; the shimmer texture of red varnish gives it elegance. In the bright sun, the line between the flowers is clearly visible, in poor lighting it is necessary to look closely to see that the nails are not uniformly black, but black and red.

Watch the video: Dierks Bentley - Black Official Music Video (March 2020).