YSL Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick SPF 15 Reviews

Hello to all! A long time ago I did not write anything, and now, there was a bit of free time. A post about another of my lipsticks in the nuance of YSL No. 26. Far from new, but still deserves a little attention.
Lipstick is very pale, not suitable for everyone, beige, has a glossy gloss, slightly whitens lips, is easy to apply, as for “drying”, it slightly dries my capricious lips, unfortunately ... (but this is my eternal problem)
I usually put it on uvl. balm from Yves Rocher, or maximizer from Dior.
The lipstick is light, transparent in texture, the smell of lipstick honestly annoys me! but a minute after applying fame, I don’t feel it ...
A lipstick case is something ... masterpiece)) some kind of lightweight cheap plastic, besides, the next day he was tattered about other things in a cosmetic bag. I used to assume that the case is solid, weighty.
Lipstick quickly disappears from the lips, I have to tint, it does not bother me.
The consultant in the store said that this line was discontinued, so ... dear butimanyaki)) hurry, the rest is sweet
Swatch on my hairy arm)) reliable, on the lips it may look different due to the characteristics of the pigment: Macro on the lips in daylight without a flash (it is clear that it is translucent, more like a shine): Further "in the image":
I can put on this lipstick only 4-
Period of use more than 2 weeks
The price is about 1100 rubles. after the discount
This shade is perfect for smokey
While for me the Armani 100 remains the undisputed favorite on all counts.
I’m preparing a post about another nude)) Girls, I already want something bright, can you advise lipsticks with a light texture based on my photos above? I would be grateful! (possible in PM)
I promise to write a post on bright lipstick and not in a year)) Thank you for stopping by!

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