Favorite brushes for tone and powder

Full product name in English: Tarte Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush
My tonal brushes evolved from flat cheap synthetic to Shiseido, then there were two Sigma synthetic kabuki. But I was still in search of an ideal, and now I found it!
Yes, the brush is monstrous in size, and it looks like a shaving brush to whip foam, or a body brush or bronzer certainly not a tonal brush. But no, this is just a brush for foundation and also with the effects of an airbrush, so softly and imperceptibly it blends the foundation.
For comparison, this giantess and Shiseido brush
I will explain what did not suit me in Shiseido and why I think that Tart is better. Everyone sees that Shiseido is tiny, she has short elastic beveled hairs, and she is intended for stippling, that is, not rubbing the cream as in ordinary ones, but like poking, driving. Personally, it took me a lot of time to "plug the whole face", and often it turned out with divorces. In general, I do not want to offend the brush, it is good, and I retrained it into a brush for concealer, it is very convenient for her to gloss over the circles under her eyes.
But Tart is a Buffing brush, that is, she needs to make circular polishing movements, my experience shows that this method is much more effective for foundation, than driving or smearing movements. Compared to Shiseido, which has short and straight hairs), Tarte even has a lower amount of tonal output because nothing falls into the brush.
I apply tonal not on the whole face, but only where it is required: on the cheeks, chin, a little nose, and if that remains on the forehead, and sometimes nothing gets on the forehead. Therefore, good shading is very important so that no transitions to untreated skin are visible. I do not apply concealer on the cheeks separately, but mix them with foundation, it turns out faster and more evenly. In total, it takes me about 10 seconds to cover my face with a foundation cream according to my method. This is the main reason why I love this brush - it’s possible to get ready for work in the morning :) In general, it turns out that this is also my concealer brush. Of course, it can also be used for powder, shading of a bronzer or blush, and for the body.

- very soft
- Trimmed so that it provides perfect coverage in a circular motion, light or full
- Does not increase foundation consumption
- does not fade
- Saves time - it takes just a few seconds to apply the tonal, after that nothing needs to be corrected
- It normally shades in hard-to-reach places, such as under the nose, or eyes due to soft, thin and flexible bristles
- It dries for a long time (having bought nets for drying brushes, I could not dry it for two days, but here I sin on these nets)
“Someone may find it uncomfortable that she is so healthy, but I like ...”
- Round handle, the brush will not stand on the table surface, can only be stored in a lying position
- A little expensive, but worth it.
- If you like to keep the brushes in a glass, it will take up too much space there, the handle is thick, but I keep the brushes lying in a drawer, so it seems to me that they dust less, so this item is not a minus for me either.
Rating: 5+
Price: 42 dollars
Full product name in English: Lancome Mineral Powder Foundation Brush 100
This is the softest brush I've ever tried. I have long wanted a new powder brush, studied the market, felt for brushes, MAS and is not standing next to this divine brush. According to rumors, only Hakuhodo is softer) well, I still don’t know.
I suspect that this is an artificial pile, since the hairs are too thin. The handle is pretty short for her.
The brush is intended for applying a mineral base. I don’t have a mineral base, but I put Kriolan powder on it (I use it in the summer, it is super matting), it is sooo finely ground, and the brush picks it up perfectly. In general, I think she will perfectly cope with all friable powders, but not compact ones.
- Divinely soft, much softer than the rest of the brushes Lank
- Nice exterior :)
- In the molt is also not seen.
- Price - usually the most expensive powder brushes, this one is cheaper than all large Lankom brushes
- If you have bright blush or bronzer that is very pigmented, and you need to use them carefully and do not always succeed, then with this brush they can be typed and applied with a light, barely noticeable haze.
I didn’t notice the minuses
Rating: 5+
Price: 40 dollars

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