Catrice "She's a lady" shadow overview

The other day I noticed a stand with a new collection Catrice "Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties". And I especially liked the shadows (Absolute Eye Color series) titled "She's a lady".
In general, I already bought shadows from Catrice once and promised to never do this again - shimmer colors gave only coarse sparkles and some pieces of pigment; matte were pale and slurred - in general I gave it to my friend and forgot.
Well here it was all pretty and the packaging of the “fours” was decorated in a new way. With artificial lighting, I liked it so much, and to the touch the shadows seemed very pleasant - I forgot about prejudices. But as practice has shown, in vain :)

First about the packaging - oh my god what a delight. The colors are autumn-dusted (the photos, in my opinion, do not convey this, in my opinion the shades are quite interesting and not that very banal).

We make candles - it’s immediately obvious that there is a problem with pigmentation. I applied it with my finger in three layers, and still it’s not very visible - the lightest one was completely lost, and it was applied there. In fairness, I’ll say that it is very similar to the beige color from the Make up forever “Smokey” palette, which is due to the pigmentation and the shade - so not only cheap companies sin by this. Two dark colors are barely distinguishable. Gray-pink reminded me something very much, and when applied, I remembered that:

Tease from Naked 2! Color by the way is very good for folding, as an alternative to some taupe, so in principle, if you get used to it, you can tame it with Katris.
Let's see what are the shadows in action (the base from Urban Decay is used).
They are applied according to the most banal scheme - light on the movable and in the corner, darkening with brown, shading with gray-pink + eyeliner with the darkest.

What do we see? We see that nothing special. Nudes and nudes (of course, not the worst, but I wanted something more interesting). And when applied, the shades are wildly mixed, and in general we must try to somehow something different from each other. I painted as I could :)
Total - shadows, what millions. Plus not the best quality. And now these are definitely the last shadows from Katrice that I bought :)
In terms of durability - as I wrote above, I use the base from Urban Decay, so it's hard to say. More or less lasts half a day.
Price: 5 Euro
Product Testing Term: Week
P.S. hi, I'm Katya :)