Last of the genus S. Escada - S

Description: Energy in the full sense of the word! Feel the dynamism of adventure and the thirst for life wherever you are: skiing on snow-capped peaks, traveling to museums in Rome or just taking a sip of amazing champagne. Give up boredom and add vibrant colors to your life. Feel the spirit of Escada S! A new classic fragrance created for a modern woman, full of touching charm. The delicate expression of plums and black currants is combined with mystical eglantery, attracting tantalizing smells of flowering almond trees, forest lily of the valley and hot pepper.
Escada S Escada - a fragrance for women, belongs to the group of floral fruit aromas.
Escada S was launched in 2007.
Top notes: black currant, plum and rose;
Heart notes: almond blossom, red pepper, lily of the valley and rose;
Base notes are hazelnut, sandalwood, musk and mahogany.
My opinion: The girls recently raised a poll about powdery fragrance and I wondered who I could give first place to. And then my eyes fell on the aroma of my past, a past that no longer exists, and it is unlikely to be. In the summer, he bit, and so abruptly lily of the valley and plum that one could suffocate, he wanted to throw it out, in my opinion it could be heard a mile away, a flat aroma that does not promise anything, I would have avoided it if it had not been for winter. In winter, he wrapped up with such an invisible light veil, powder, like when she had been with her mother on the dressing table, he warmed like a cashmere sweater, he dreamed about rustling pages, an old chest, where there was a lot of unknown, a mysterious attic of an old house. In winter, I did not hear this screaming, suffocating lily of the valley, perhaps almonds played a role, and even then for a moment, there was only powdery haze. The fragrance calmed down, then rolled over again in a wave of memories, and then merged with the skin, as if you always smelled like that, there was nothing else but it. One day I came under rain and the wild cry of ardent musk, which did not want to open in normal weather, literally blew up the air. But I’m not angry with him, it’s stupid to be angry with the past, when he has only one last note for you, and there is only a letter. And that’s it.

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Price: 2499 rubles
I - Julia, to me on "you".

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