OPI Nail Lacquer Reviews

My pointe exactly is a translucent gray-blue jelly varnish. Very poorly pigmented. To get a color like in a bottle you need four layers, but I settled on three. Dries quickly, lays down in a thin layer. It evens out perfectly. After drying, the bubbles do not appear.
Pirouette my whistle - a top coating consisting of large hexagonal and small silver glitter on a transparent base. It is applied easily, dries, like all glitters, very quickly.

This top is similar to Nubar - White Polka Dot, but there are differences between them and they are very noticeable.
At Nubar thicker and muddy base. And in it, small glitter is holograms. At OPI the quality of large glitter is much better - it is thinner and there are no cut hexagons.
Left - Nubar, on right - OPI.
Price: from $10
Rating: 5

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